Magento Development

From the beginning to the end, we work with our clients on every step of the project with a focus on clear communication and understanding. Read below for more information on the process behind our workflow.


Every successful project starts from a solid foundation.


We'll work closely with you to create a series of wireframes and designs


An iterative process that brings ideas to reality, without delays.


A new setup still needs to work seamlessly with your existing systems.

We commence with a thorough investigation to understand your current business setup and the requirements needed to expand and fully realise your ambitions. During this initial phase a Project Manager will work closely with you to ensure a strong partnership is established, one that results in a clear understanding of what’s required for both parties.

As an expert in providing ecommerce solutions we understand that the entire package involves more then just the development and integration of Magento. At this stage we shall highlight additional services provided by the various partners that we work with. By enlisting the services of The Pixel we shall oversee and manage all of this throughout the project’s duration and beyond.

The Discovery phase is split into a number of stages:

Feasibility Report

We begin with a comprehensive study, analysing your business in terms of traffic and transactions to ensure Magento Enterprise is the correct platform for your needs


We’ll work closely with you to create a series of wireframes that outline the overall functionality and user experience of the site.

Integration Assessment

There are a variety of scenarios you need to consider when planning this type of integration. We’ll analyse your current business setup to ensure the seamless integration with Magento into existing systems.

Custom Functionality

If you require any features that aren’t provided by Magento out-of-the-box, we’ll identify this and either create a solution or offer suggestions of third-party modules that can provide the functionality.

Code Review

If you have an existing Magento framework that isn’t working we will undertake a comprehensive examination of your setup and produce recommendations on what is required to increase its efficiency.

Hosting Solution

Instead of outsourcing your hosting we provide our own tailored system, designed specifically around the requirements of Magento. During this stage we shall identify your current traffic/transactions to provide a hosting solution that will meet your needs and sustain further growth ambitions.

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