Magento Hosting

Why host with The Pixel?

Instead of outsourcing to a third-party server provider we have created a solution with the same attention to detail that is prevalent throughout our work.

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£299.99 Per Month

  • 3 x Cores
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 30 GB RAID6 SAN Space
  • 150 GB Network Transfer
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • FULLY MANAGED Magento Hosting


£499.99 Per Month

  • 4 x Cores
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 40 GB RAID6 SAN Space
  • 200 GB Network Transfer
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • FULLY MANAGED Magento Hosting


£899.99 Per Month

  • 8 x Cores
  • 12 GB Memory
  • 100 GB RAID6 SAN Space
  • 400 GB Network Transfer
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • FULLY MANAGED Magento Hosting


£1599.99 Per Month

  • 16 x Cores
  • 20 GB Memory
  • 200 GB RAID6 SAN Space
  • 750 GB Network Transfer
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • FULLY MANAGED Magento Hosting

Our servers are based in a former nuclear bunker and are designed specifically around the requirements of Magento, which results in optimal performance and efficiency. Targeting our servers exclusively at Magento allows us to maintain formidable performance while a bespoke pricing structure passes on considerable savings to our clients, no matter how large or small.

From the first phone call, everyone at The Pixel has impressed us with their understanding of Magento & e-commerce. Thanks to their care and attention to detail they’ve begun to feel like part of our team. A rare gem of an agency.Ruben Lightfoot howies eCommerce Mananger

Key Hosting Features

Super fast, reliable, redundant and secure network.

Our network has multiple redundant links to the internet with advanced security and uptime monitoring to virtually eliminate network downtime. Complete with multiple backup solutions to offer complete peace of mind.

High Performance Magento Hosting

Fast and secure multi-core virtual private servers (VPS) allow for easy and fast upgrades and transfer to different hardware with minimal downtime. Finely tuned to offer optimal performance for Magento – tailored specifically by our developers and system administrators.

"I’m sorry your server needs more memory…"

Have you been told by your current hosting provider that you need more memory or a faster cpu? This is not always the case; our finely tuned Magento Hosting environment will save you thousands of pounds on a system designed by Magento experts specifically for Magento sites.

High levels of Security and Reliability.

As and when new server security patches/updates are released we’ll ensure your server is updated with the latest fix, and regularly do server security sweeps, keeping your data safe, site running and your customers happy. Our service offers a fully managed Magento Hosting environment.

A personal service that genuinely cares about your website.

We understand the importance your hosting solution is to providing a successful website, and that’s why we’ll do everything to ensure optimal performance 24/7.

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