Baker Ross Magento 2 Customisation

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Percentage increase in site transactions
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Co-founded in 1974, Baker Ross is a family owned and run business whose innovative ideas have led it to become one of the leading suppliers of arts & crafts to schools, playgroups and organisations in the UK, currently offering over 3,000 products in their catalogues. Baker Ross required a solution to migrate the current site away from its existing bespoke platform and onto Magento 2, with the scope to allow for extensive feature customisation.

Project Objective

Baker Ross required a solution to migrate the current site away from its existing bespoke platform to Magento 2, in order to make use of the vastly superior performance and customisation that the open source ecosystem would allow. The Magento 2 infrastructure would give the scope and flexibility to fully customise and cater for the very specific needs of Baker Ross’ B2B and B2C customers. The new shop would cater for 12 international stores, feature a custom checkout that integrated with Shipping GFS, integrated WordPress blog, and more. The new site’s primary objective was to increase new users, conversion rate and ultimately site transactions as a result of the improved user experience and functionality.

Integrations & Customisations

Baker Ross, with its extensive product catalogue for both B2B and B2C customers, and 12 international stores to accommodate, needed to make use of the full customisable ability that the Magento 2 open source ecosystem allowed.

Shipping GFS

Baker Ross had previously integrated with CollectPlus to allow for convenient shipping options for customers. The site now required further integration with Shipping GFS & Magento 2. GFS powers delivery for leading retailers worldwide, and includes taking care of everything from labels to carriers and customer care. This new system allowed greater streamlining of customer orders by removing many of the previous manual tasks carried out by the Baker Ross team.

Layered Navigation

Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2 (from Amasty) has been integrated to create a more unique and tailored customer shopping experience that displays multiple filters & menus to help visitors instantly find the products they need. Layered Navigation generates SEO-friendly URLs and brand & landing pages, speeds up product filtering with AJAX, and uses sliders and widgets to apply custom sorting options for branded products.

Klevu Search

Klevu is an on-site search and navigation platform that uses Natural Language Processing to add contextually relevant synonyms to the search catalog, providing fast, relevant search results. It allows for a personalised search using self learning technology to measure how shoppers interact with the store, providing them with products that are trending, recently viewed, increasing the depth of search results.

Subscription Model

Craft-It! BOX Subscription service and landing page is a personalised monthly craft activity box delivered straight to the door packed with a selection of unique craft kits and fun activities for kids. It’s a monthly recurring payment which can be paused or cancelled as required. Since its launch late 2019, there have been over 1400 subscriptions already purchased.

Category Pages

Lazy loading programmatically loads images only when they become visible within the viewport -  extremely beneficial for category pages, where only a fraction of your audience will view the entire content, saving database resources and increasing page load speed dramatically.

Localisation & Internationalisation

Baker Ross used the Magento translate application to enable localisation of 12 different international stores in multiple regions and markets. They opted to use The Pixel partner Klarna to facilitate international payments.

WordPress Integrated Creative Station

WordPress was integrated to produce Baker Ross’ Creative Station - a blog integration that pulls trending articles into the website. The WordPress installation links via SKUs to the live product pages, allowing featured products to be automatically flagged and linked to via the content. The WordPress installation was hosted separately from the live site, offering additional security.

Product Cards

The product page now includes customised features: pack size selection, Click on Image with quick buy option, AJAX add to cart success message, product labels, populated ERP integration, and price perception showing costs and savings per product.

Nosto Personalisation

Nosto personalisation has allowed the fine-tuning and control of merchandising rules across all product recommendations on Baker Ross - including the add to cart success message with incredible results - on triggered overlays & popups, and category pages.

Promotion Codes

The customised promotion code feature flags up eligible products to let users know there’s a promotion code available, helping customers to make the most of the discounts available.

Custom Reviews Integration

The Trustpilot customer review facility has been integrated, customised and styled specifically to provide the most relevant user generated reviews at both category and product level.

Optimised Checkout

The optimised checkout process gives different delivery methods, such as direct to door, click & collect, direct from warehouse, and a bespoke Save for Later Basket which populates even before the shipping method is selected to show costs to the user.


Baker Ross’ primary objective was to increase new users, conversion rate and site transactions as a result of the extensively customised user experience the new implementations had created. Additionally comparing just March 2020 vs March 2019, revenue is up 50.57%, conversions are up 22.43%, and transactions are up 74.18%, demonstrating improvements beyond expectation.