BES Re-brand and Magento 2 Migration

project Stats stock over 15,000 plumbing supplies in their extensive 77,000 sq ft state of the art warehouse, located in Birmingham. They offer rapid product selection and dispatch and aim to achieve same day dispatch for every order received. BES required a design refresh, paying particular attention to brand and customer experience, and migration from Magento 1 to the new and improved Magento 2 platform.

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento 2 offered BES the scope to allow for extensive feature customisation, improved table performance & database infrastructure, and facilities such as varnish & full page cache, guest & two step checkout. This coupled with the additional B2B and user experience functionality made it the ideal choice for BES to future-proof their ecommerce store. When we migrate a M1 website to M2, the path consists of 4 processes: Data Migration, Extensions, Themes, Customisations. Delta Migration was used post data migration to ensure that new data could be transferred incrementally and did not need to be performed whilst offline. This allowed the active site to remain fully functional whilst ensuring the development site was fully up to date at all times, ready to be launched, avoiding hours of offline time.

UX and Rebrand

Moving to the Magento 2 platform ensured that all themes could be built from scratch to the latest best practices, with a boost in speed performance, greater adherence to Google’s requirements and an overall increase in customer usability. BES wanted a refresh that would expand functionality and performance across the site as a whole. A more modern theme and an enhanced user experience was key.

Discovery sessions allowed us to hold collaborative workshops, focusing on the current digital & brand experience. Research & user testing was carried out to provide first hand customer feedback that was the key to improving conversion results. Through a variety of testing methods, we created specific user journeys to test to enhance the journey. How easily can customers complete the journey, what obstacles did they face, would they return to the site? Users provided both positive and negative feedback on their experience.

Akeneo PIM

Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM) allowed the management of all product data, content, and other materials in a centralised fashion for multichannel distribution. PIM advantages include saving time & resources, improving data quality by reducing errors, and getting products to market faster than competitors. BES’s catalogue contained a multitude of plumbing supplies, fittings & tools, all of which have multiple SKUs for different attributes, such as size and colour. This equated to a massive product catalogue. Additional servers allowed BES’s catalogues to be remotely stored and managed (and worked on if needed) with zero impact on the working ecommerce site.

Features & Extensions

Amasty Shipping

The Amasty Shipping extension allowed the generation of multiple custom shipping methods, including Next Working Day Delivery with specific time slots that are geographically relevant to the individual customer’s location. Order reference numbers were also added to allow Company Name & Project Name to be added to the bill.

Klevu Search

The Klevu on-site search platform uses Natural Language Processing to add contextually relevant synonyms to the search catalog, providing fast, relevant search results. It allows for a personalised search using self learning technology to measure how shoppers interact with the store, providing them with products that are trending & recently viewed.

Create a Shopping List & Quick Shop

The Create a Shopping List feature allows users to add a ‘Add to List’ button on all category and product pages by logging into their account. Products can then be added to the list to be exported and printed, used for quoting purposes, or just saved for a later date. Quick Shop functionality allows users to buy without visiting product pages by entering the part number, which gets added straight to basket.

Request a Catalogue

The Request a Catalogue feature powered by MageMe Webforms Pro, allows the user to order a catalogue with delivery using the custom form manager with a personalised contact page and Google reCaptcha.