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Science in Sport (SiS) Magento 2 Migration & Relaunch

Science in Sport (SiS), founded in 1992, is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. SiS products are sold in a range of retail channels, including specialist sports retailers, major grocers, high street retailers and online. SiS is a strong brand in the elite athlete community - in the 2012 London Olympics, 24 medal-winning athletes or teams used its products, and in Rio 2016 another 34 medals were SiS-fuelled. SiS was also an important part of the Team Sky victory in the 2016 Tour de France. In 2018 the SiS website underwent a major migration on to the latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform, Magento 2.


Increase in Speed


Increase in mobile conversions


Of revenue generated online

Website migration

The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 saw the website go through a vast transition of data and design. The migration path consisted of 4 processes: Data Migration, Extensions, Themes, Customisations. For the data migration, the deployment of an Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL) process was performed to migrate settings of the original website, and all data and tables.

Delta Migration was used post data migration. This ensured that the data could be transferred incrementally and did not need to be performed whilst offline. The Delta Migration bridged the gap between the last data import and any new data that has been generated. Ie only new, different data was then migrated (new orders, or customers, or product updates) between the newly built site and the original, live site. This allowed the active site to remain fully functional, whilst ensuring the development site was fully up to date at all times, ready to be launched without significant downtime necessary - avoiding hours of offline time.

What data to migrate was decided beforehand. Questions asked were: should we bring all of the data or just parts of the data? If so which parts? Based on creation date or product, customer or order? Should we clean the data at source or at destination? It was a brilliant opportunity to spring clean the client’s databases, and ensure that redundancy was reduced and relevance increased before transferring to the brand new site.

All existing Magento 1 themes (design) were refactored and rewritten from scratch to accommodate the Magento 2 platform. This ensured that all themes were updated and built to the latest best practice, with an increase in speed performance, greater adherence to Google’s requirements and an overall increase in customer usability. Since the migration and new website launch, SiS has seen an increase in page speed of 24%, and an increase in conversion rate of 26%.

New features

Mobile specific theme
A mobile specific theme to target the mobile audience was introduced for the new build. It featured a dynamic mobile-specific layout that allows customers to shop by sport & range, and divides customers by type, offering a different, tailored service to new customers and premier customers. The introduction of this new mobile theme has resulted in a Mobile conversion rate increase of 31% - a significant achievement given that 63% of all traffic across all markets is Mobile.

Bundle builder

The new website features a bespoke Bundle Builder which has been specifically designed to offer customers great value on groups of products to help them achieve their sporting goals in an easy-to-use, speedy format.

The feature allows users to plan nutrition specifically for an event such as a marathon (covering the full lifecycle of the event: before, during and after the race). Or for new customers that are less familiar with the products available, it allows them to try a selection of new flavours and product types.

For example users can first navigate to the ‘Energy Gel’ category to select their source of pre/during sport energy, then move on to the ‘Hydration’ to select the appropriate electrolyte or tablet drink to use during and after, followed by ‘Recovery & Rebuild’ (protein drinks & products) and finally ‘Vitamins and Supplements’ for overall health.

Customers can also use custom features ‘Build Random Bundle’ and ‘Build Biggest Saving Bundle’ to have bundles built specifically, designed to generate the biggest saving possible per customer.

SiS Premier

The new website also saw the launch of SiS Premier - a special subscription service offered to UK customers which gives unlimited Next Day Delivery for a full year, on any size order, for a one off payment of just £9.99 (valid for 12 months). Additionally, once users subscribe to Premier a new delivery option appears in their checkout called ‘Free Premier Next Day Delivery'.

Orders placed before 7pm on weekdays are delivered the next day - including on Saturdays (for example, an order at 6.45pm on a Tuesday, will be received Wednesday). Orders after 7pm will be delivered the following day - which includes Sunday (if customers order at 9pm on Friday, they’ll receive their delivery on Sunday). And orders at weekends placed before 1.30pm will be delivered the next day, including Sundays.

The free nutrition advice service gives subscribers access to the SiS World Class Nutrition Team, where they can ask any nutritional questions they have, to receive a guaranteed response via their account admin. Subscribers can also monitor their subscription status by logging into their account and viewing a progress bar under the heading ‘Premier’ on their Account Dashboard.

Success of SiS

Science in Sport (SiS) meteoric rise has seen the company’s revenue increase by 28% in 2017 to £15.6m – significantly outpacing forecasts for the sector – 27% of which came from new products. SiS have recently expanded to the US and Italy, and overseas sales now account for 28% overall. And most significantly, online sales now account for 55% of revenue - an amazing online achievement by SiS and The Pixel, and one that’s exceeded all targets and expectations.
Science in Sport raised £15m of new money to transform operations and enter the US sports nutrition market. The company has invested heavily in overseas expansion, and in 2017 launched in Australia to tap into the active lifestyle down under. The latest funding round comes two years after Science in Sport raised £8.7m to pursue a growth strategy that culminated in revenues swelling by 30 per cent in 2016.

The brand has recently aligned with numerous sporting bodies such as British Cycling and USA Triathlon, as well as individual athletes such as Olympic champion Adam Peaty. And most recently of all, the company has signed a three-year deal with Manchester United – the richest football club in the world. The multi-year partnership will see SiS providing £1.5million’s worth of product to players across the UK and Europe.

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