PhD was established in 2006 by two serious gym-goers on a mission to change the sports nutrition landscape and change performance nutrition choices throughout the UK and Europe. PhD is now truly a global performance nutrition brand, sold in over 45 countries and available in UK high street outlets such as Argos, Holland & Barrett, Boots and Sainsbury's.

"The Pixel provides a streamlined, personal experience. They are easy to communicate with, responsive and provide daily stand-up calls to keep on top of workflow. They keep us up to date with industry trends and best practices. No one in the team is too 'senior' to discuss an issue with you or help you reach an eCommerce goal. Stephen and his team do a great job of hiring staff that follow this mantra."

Lucy Greenwood
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Case Studies

Science In Sport & PhD UX Redesign
SiS & PhD underwent a major UX review and redesign of the sites to improve the buying experience for its customers.
Creating a Seamless Subscription Journey
With customers frequently only making one purchase the challenge to get customers to make a second purchase or subscriptions was at the forefront of improving website UX.