Science in Sport

Science In Sport, a leading sports nutrition brand, approached The Pixel to build, manage, and optimise its Adobe Commerce website. The Pixel team, with its extensive technical expertise and deep knowledge of the Adobe Commerce platform, worked closely with Science In Sport to create a world-class eCommerce platform that drives sales, improves customer engagement, and streamlines operations.

"The Pixel are very innovative around the Adobe tech stack and work in a manner that feels like they are part of your team in-house. That type of relationship is rare and is often where you are more likely to succeed."

Sue Stephenson
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Case Studies

Science In Sport & PhD UX Redesign
SiS & PhD underwent a major UX review and redesign of the sites to improve the buying experience for its customers.
Creating a Seamless Subscription Journey
With customers frequently only making one purchase the challenge to get customers to make a second purchase or subscriptions was at the forefront of improving website UX.