Our latest Magento site Lyco.co.uk is now live. Lyco was established in 1995 and has grown to become the UK’s premier lighting company. Lyco focuses on providing the latest products from around the world at the very best prices, and they offer Next Day Delivery, dispatching 98% of all orders on the same day they are received.

The Lyco site was a challenging yet exciting Magento build for The Pixel team. The ERP (Enterprise resource planning) connection was completely custom built to meet client needs (for those not familiar with ERP, check out our article ‘Why Magento ERP Integration is Still a Good Idea‘ for a bit of background). Briefly, ERP systems integrate internal and external information across an entire organisation (accounting, manufacturing, sales and distribution, etc), streamlining all data to be shared and automated between departments.

Lyco for example, use Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) to control their stock management. Using our custom-made Magento Enterprise ERP integration, stock control gets automatically updated by the website when an order is placed online to streamline the procedure.

And it works both ways; if the client places an order offline via telephone straight into MS Dynamics NAV (bypassing the website), then Magento will import those orders into the online web account so customers can see all orders in one place when they login. Ordering then becomes centralised for increased customer/client convenience.

All regular stock control, pricing updates, new product uploads etc, get added using the existing system, which then gets automatically imported through our custom ERP connector straight into Magento. So when a change is made, all systems automatically synchronise, keeping all records up-to-date and relevant. If a customer record is also created in either Magento or MS Dynamics NAV, both systems get populated with that information automatically.

Another interesting feature of the Lyco Magento build, is the custom pricing system set-up for customers. For Lyco it was important that their customers had flexibility in pricing. Customers are able to become a member of a pricing group (‘Platinum’, ‘MLP’, or ‘Gold’ – ‘Gold’ being the highest of the tiers) and also have their own custom pricing specific to a particular product. This includes tiered pricing, for example a customer can buy 1 item for £1 each, or 10 of that time for £0.90 each. All this data is also imported from MS Dynamics NAV.

So there we have it, http://www.lyco.co.uk/ and Magento Enterprise is now live and fully ERP automated, ready to take and process orders with a variety of flexible pricing, at the click of a mouse.