Recently, Magento issued a statement regarding a security exploit in the system that needed investigating on any site running their software, raising a number of issues in the process.

Some are worried about their site’s security. Others are unsure whether they’re vulnerable to external and potentially dangerous threats such as hackers and malware? Thankfully there are a number of protocols and guidelines put in place to ensure businesses remain fully protected online.

As a rule, eCommerce sites are potentially lucrative gold mines for hackers due to the nature of their practices. If you’re handling personal and financial information through your business, it can be seen as a viable target, even if the system does not directly deal with credit card transactions. As such, a site compromised by outside sources could easily lure customers to a false page and steal their information.

Such occurrences can have a detrimental long-term effect on both customers and businesses alike, therefore it’s imperative that you take the right steps in making sure you’re protected on all fronts.

Take the latest reports for example. Magento have received word that their sites are being targeted by Guruincsite malware (Neutrino exploit kit) and are now working with developers to ensure maximum safety. At the time of writing they haven’t identified any new attacks but have found that sites and clients who sent a report were vulnerable to a previously identified code execution issue. They also noted that there are several other unpatched issues such as compromised administrative accounts due to weak passwords and phishing.

In light of this recent news, it’s advisable that Magento businesses follow certain steps to maintain the integrity of their site. Making sure you have deployed all previous patches is the best place to start. However this doesn’t eradicate things such as fake admin accounts, so it’s always a good idea to run a malware check for Guruincsite. You can do so at It’s also a good idea to review all admin users in your system and to remove any accounts which you are not actively using or no longer need.

But you can never be too sure that your business if fully protected, that’s where The Pixel comes into things. If you have any concerns over the safety of your site, we’re on hand to give you the correct assistance in maintaining and hacker-proofing your site. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.