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Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud is a platform-as-a-service offering that enables rapid deployment of fully customisable, secure, and scalable web storefronts, combined with a leading hosting and managed services infrastructure.

Built specifically from the ground up to support a growing Magento merchant that requires a fast, secure and redundant infrastructure layer to support the best in class Magento application.
With a content delivery network and performance management tools pre-integrated in the offering, contract management is easy. Magento Commerce Cloud is also built on AWS, a fully redundant cloud hosting infrastructure that provides optimised performance, resilience, and elastic scalability.
Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Top Magento Commerce Cloud Features

Reasons for choosing The Pixel & Magento Commerce Cloud...

Fully Scalable Cloud Solution

A triple-redundant, managed-hosting environment including 24x7 monitoring and support with a 99.99% full hosting stack SLA.

Ultra Secure PCI Compliant Environment

A full PCI DSS Level 1 environment.

Bundled with New Relic & Black Fire

Industry-leading performance monitoring and profiling tools from New Relic Performance and

Fastly CDN

CDN capacity from Fastly with global points of presence for both Static Objects and the Magento 2 Full Page Cache.

Magento Commerce Features

Magento 2 Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) source code.

Increased ROI

A PaaS environment to streamline building, testing, and deploying to production.

Why should you move to the Magento Commerce Cloud?

Take a look below at some of the detailed features of the Magento Commerce Cloud.

Optimised for Magento

Magento-developed build scripts and service configuration ensure every instance is correctly tuned and configured for optimal merchant performance.

Consistent, Secure Releases

All code deployments are Git-based for consistency and repeatability, with read-only production environments for hardened security.

Flexible Deployment Toolset

Rapidly spin up, merge, clone, and tear down unlimited environments at will, for development tasks, QA testing, or production issue diagnosis.

Continuous Cloud Delivery

Move with confidence straight from development to UAT to production, in a continuous manner across code branches and development teams.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Defines the Post-SaaS era of Commerce Technology

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition offers all the benefits of modern cloud computing that are most commonly associated with SaaS solutions: Elastic scalability, high resilience and availability, PCI compliance, global availability and automated patching, whilst still maintaining flexibility in software customisation that our merchants require.

Magento Commerce Cloud Stack

You're in safe hands

Just some of the great clients we support with Magento Commerce Cloud

A certified Magento Commerce Cloud team

Choosing a certified team to manage your Magento Commerce Cloud solution is key to success; we're not just certified, we helped create the certification!

Choosing the right partner to build your Magento site is important, but finding one that also has a team of certified cloud developers is critical if you are to choose the Commerce Cloud solution.

Here at The Pixel we have over two decades of experience in building and hosting ecommerce websites. So, when Adobe announced the launch of Magento Commerce Cloud we wanted to be a significant contributor to its progression.

As an Advisory Board Member, our team, through their in-depth knowledge of Magento and the Magento Cloud, helped to create the examination process that new individuals now have to take in order to become certified.

It means we know how to run a successful Magento Commerce Cloud site, regardless of your business size or industry.

Read our Bulk Powders case study to see how our implementation of Magento Commerce Cloud helped them to smash their sales targets and witness record breaking conversion rates...

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