Bringing Your B2B Business into the Digital Commerce Era

Bringing Your B2B Business into the Digital Commerce Era

Source: Adobe, The Pixel

The global growth of eCommerce has shifted attitudes towards digital modernisation across a breadth of B2B industries. In 2018, B2BecNews conducted a survey of 218 manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. While 61 percent of manufacturers and 38 percent of wholesalers were not transacting online, 75 percent of these surveyed firms were planning to launch their own eCommerce platforms within two years.

What you will learn about...

  • A Strategic Outlook - A look ahead prepares you in the present, changing times, changing buyers
  • Buyers Across All Age Groups are Going Digital - Changes in buyer demographics aren’t limited to millennials
  • Digital Leaders Win - Embracing change and investing in digital leadership
  • Visualising Cost Savings - Going digital eliminates drains on business resources
  • Online Ordering Cuts Error Rates for Improved Profitability - Errors can occur frequently throughout the manual ordering process
  • Ramp Up Revenue Growth - Enhanced commerce capabilities grow your brand
  • Adding eCommerce Improves Customer Satisfaction - Part of revenue growth involves understanding and correcting your customers pain points

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