From B2B to D2C Online Sales

From B2B to D2C Online Sales

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Create a D2C webstore with the potential to transform your business. This eBook can help you figure out if the D2C model is right for your business and, if so, how to get started.

Consumer brand manufacturers are making a direct connection with their customers. And that isn’t just a trend: it’s fast becoming essential business.

What you will learn about...

  • How to connect with end customers who already know you
  • Gaining sizeable new revenue streams
  • Tapping into a data powerhouse
  • Is your B2B business cut out for D2C selling?
  • D2C expansion: channel conflict or co-operation?
  • Designing an appealing, local, personal consumer experience
  • Getting to know your market
  • Mastering the consumer-centric D2C website
  • Five ways to promote your new D2C brand

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