Infographic: Influencing Today's B2B Landscape

Infographic: Influencing Today's B2B Landscape

Source: Adobe, The Pixel

Buyer demographics are changing, purchasing preferences are evolving, and new digital players are entering the B2B market. In response, B2B businesses must reevaluate their relationship with digital commerce to remain competitive within their given industry.

What you will learn about...

  • B2B is Changing with the Times - Manufacturers and wholesalers recognise the value of digital solutions
  • Buyer Demographics and Preferences are Changing - Millennials are taking over, their purchasing expectations are different
  • Buyers of All Ages are Going Digital - The speed and convenience of digital channels is unmatched
  • Research Shows Digital Leaders Win - Data supports the value of experience-transformation
  • Amazon and Digital Leaders are Moving In - Amazon Business is taking direct aim at many B2B industries

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