Retail Rethink Playbook

Retail Rethink Playbook

Source: Adobe, The Pixel. Adobe Partners

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the retail industry with store closures, changing consumer behaviour, new ways of working and a need for agility and swift action. As the digital industry worked from kitchen tables across the country, consumers turned to online channels for their every need.

We examine the impact on the UK economy and how the rise of ecommerce has been accelerated. The figures, highlighting these changes are brought to life with examples of resilience from across the industry. The work of five retailers – Seasalt, Country Range, Madison, Outdoor Toys and Poundshop – has been pulled out as giving particular insight into different verticals.

What you will learn about...

  • The new normal
  • The impact of Covid-19 on retail
  • The impact on the economy & customers
  • The impact on operations & stores
  • The impact on product
  • The retailer’s role in society
  • A rise in subscriptions
  • Retailer focus: Madison
  • Retailer focus: Poundshop
  • Retailer focus: Country Range
  • Retailer focus: Outdoor Toys
  • Retailer focus: Seasalt

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