Adobe Commerce ERP Integration

Having worked with Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, since 2008, one of the first challenges we faced was helping our clients synchronise their current ERP systems with this new and impressive ecommerce platform.

Adobe Commerce ERP Integration

Our Adobe Commerce ERP integration is an intermediary system that sits between the platform and any other ERP system.

It’s flexible and efficient, and allows integration with various data formats that include Web Services, XML, CSV, and many more. Its flexible framework is pre-built, pre-tested and readily available, having been 10 years in development.

We provide a middleware which consists of a number of readily implemented and tested tools which can be used to save implementation time, but takes into consideration the flexibility and client-specific requirements which are always required in such implementations.

Adobe Commerce ERP Connector

Recognising this need and the incredible advantages it brought to our clients, we set about creating a core software system that would sit between Adobe Commerce and any other piece of ERP software, that would be flexible enough to accept multiple data formats, yet robust enough to adhere to our rigorous software standards. The Pixel Adobe Commerce ERP Connector was born.
Whereas the core of The Pixel's ERP connector is pre-built, long-standing and robust, it's also designed to be as flexible as required, and dynamic enough to fit any system or software package your business currently relies upon. These include but are not limited to Navision, SAP, Sage, E1, Infor, ELUCID & Protex.
Whether it be stock warehouse management, product import/export, order import/export, shipment integration, or an external customer database (procured from a high street shop, for example) that now needs to integrate with your ecommerce website, The Pixel's ERP integration is designed specifically to achieve that goal.

What connections are possible?

We have the following endpoints available to integrate between Adobe Commerce and any third-party system.

Common endpoints
  • Import Customer
  • Import Stock
  • Import Shipment
  • Export Orders
  • Export Products
  • Change Order Status
Extra endpoints
  • Export Daily Email Subscribers
  • Export Customer Catalogue Requests
  • Export Order Daily Summary
  • Import Bestsellers
  • Import Categories
  • Import Products
  • Import Orders
  • Import Returns
  • Cancel Refund Order
  • Update Price
  • Update Advanced Product Prices
B2B specific endpoints
  • B2B Shared Catalog Import
  • B2B Price Import
  • B2B Company Import
  • B2B Company User Import
  • B2B Requisition List Import

The Pixel ERP Connector features

Take a look at some of the key features our Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) ERP connector contains, helping to streamline your integration and future-proof your business needs.

10 years

Proven & tested with over 10 years of operation.

Pre Built

Pre-built core readily

Pre Tested

Pre-tested system saves hours of bespoke development and costs.


Flexible enough to work with most existing software systems and data formats.


Compatible with SAP, Dynamic, Sage, JDE, System 21, Navision, Elucid, Protex and more.


ERP systems eliminate data duplication and streamline your operations.