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As the world becomes more interconnected, understanding your customers has become more important than ever. The power of analytics unearths the possibility to truly capitalise on these opportunities.

Our skills and expertise unlock the potential to track analytics anywhere in the customer journey, regardless of changing market forces, enabling you to reach success and achieve your company’s objectives.

Adobe Expertise

The Pixel’s extensive history and collaboration with Adobe has allowed us to grow our client’s ambitions. For instance, Adobe Real-Time CDP goes beyond other solutions by assembling actionable profiles that can be activated across any channel - this means you'll always have the right content at hand!

Comprehensive Reporting

Ensuring accurate visibility on critical eCommerce reporting is crucial to being able to interpret your data. The Pixel will help you to not just ask the right questions, but to also act on the answers. Implementation based on data-driven decisions propels customer experience ultimately improving your brand and your sales.

Additional Services

There are numerous platforms essential to eCommerce processes, such as Google Analytics, Magento BI and New Relic. Our team of analysts support our clients by harnessing this data to extract meaning and value, and produce actionable insights with continual monitoring.

Thomas Beard
Thomas Beard

Responsible for company-wide Analytics & Reporting, Thomas specialises in eCommerce, web development and Adobe’s suite of products. With 5+ years of project management experience and a Physics graduate from the University of Warwick, Thomas is naturally motivated to seek answers and deliver results. Has been working for The Pixel since 2020.

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Better decisions with your data

Data analytics and reporting can help you make better decisions, understand your customers, and improve your bottom line. But it's not just about numbers - data can also help you tell a story and engage your audience. By collaborating in a culture of data, you can elevate your business to the next level. We can help you get there.


An effective data strategy helps show success and has continued to prove an effective ROI. The ability to analyse online & offline behaviour to get a full picture of the customer journey has never been more key, especially in a constantly changing market.

Taking Action

Being able to make data-driven decisions removes the guesswork and adds the evidence to drive your business. The future is not only having the data, but being able to interpret and proactively lead with it.

Detailed Insights

Having the right set of tools opens new opportunities. For instance, Adobe Analytics collates your organisation's data to provide in-depth analysis, versatile reporting and predictive intelligence.

Expert Consultation

We know how important it is for you to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Our experts will work with you, both physically and virtually, to gather data, discuss requirements and define solutions.

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