eCommerce UX

A successful website isn’t simply designed, it is crafted and engineered.

wireframe & UX


A successful website isn’t simply designed, it is crafted and engineered. A key part of the creative process begins with wire-framing and site-mapping. This is where the creative and development teams come together to share their expertise and build the solid foundations of your site.

The wireframe illustrates the skeleton of your site, the critical component that ensures everything stands up. Here we are able to flesh out new and innovative ideas, focus on content organisation, layout and structure without being preoccupied by the visual appearance.

We consider wire-framing to be a truly iterative process, one that encourages engagement between our clients and ourselves. Here we can tease out the true project goals and objectives, quickly make design changes and alterations based on client feedback without exhausting the budget or timeline.


We understand that user experience is about far more than just the interface or visual design of your website. For a truly intuitive, user centred experience, a detailed understanding of how browsers navigate a website and how they respond to different content is essential. Good user experiences are both memorable and enjoyable, they are simple to navigate and easy to use.

At The Pixel, we work closely with both internal and external design teams to ensure that UX is at the centre of all our website creations. Utilising our combined experience in traditional website design and in brand communication, we are able to look at things slightly differently, delving into the mind of the user, creating dynamic and truly unique digital experiences.

UX Process:

  • Client workshops
  • User task definition
  • User flow and site flow maps
  • Detailed wireframe