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Experiential Design & UX


Your users have high expectations and more retail options than ever before - we need to understand these expectations and go beyond them. Brands who can excite & engage with users will not only create an experience customers value, but will also inspire loyalty.

We believe for online retailers to keep raising the bar a customer first approach is key. To achieve this you need a perfect balance of experiential brand lead design with effective UX principles.

Design Discovery

We need to immerse ourselves into your brand, business goals, teams and customer base. Collaborating to understand current frustrations, improvements and considerations. Working together to determine what needs to be tested, designed and built.

UX Research

To understand your customer behaviours & expectations we use a variety of tools to collect valuable insights. Heatmaps, analytics, interviews & questionnaires mixed with our experience of best practise, we can identify journey issues, missed opportunities & ultimately make the right decision.

Ideation & Design

Together we explore and visualise your customer experience. Combining brand values your customers love with their needs we can design a customer led immersive eCommerce experience. Good design that will convert and build loyal advocates.

Prototype Testing

Early validation means validating decisions without the cost of building and guessing, we collate feedback from customers to see what they focus on. Did they complete your task? If so, how did it go for them? This knowledge then allows you to make changes that will create a better customer experience!

Design System

Design systems are a powerful tool that can help you create and maintain your branding across different platforms. A design system includes reusable components, a styleguide with instructions on how to use them properly as well as rules for teams working together more efficiently!

Ready to Build

Our key methodology is "Share Fast" - we don't hold back designs from stakeholders, Project Managers & Developers. We integrate all our teams with yours for a seamless design sign off & build process. This way, everyone is on the same page from the start and there are no surprises when it comes to the final product.

Luke Hobbs
Luke Hobbs
Head of Design & Ux

With 10+ years of specialising in digital design, working with brands such as Dyson, Coca Cola, and Calor Gas, Luke thrives on consumer-led eCommerce journeys. As Head of Design & UX, Luke’s team create journeys which connect brand goals, business needs and exceed customer expectations

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Design with the user in mind

Understanding your customer is critical to the success of any business. After all, if you don't know what your customers want, how can you give it to them? That's where experiential design comes in. Experiential design is all about understanding the needs and wants of your customers and creating a space that meets those needs. It's about putting yourself in your customer's shoes and trying to understand their journey.

Prototype Test Demo

Users need to be able to easily find what they're looking for, and understand your products and services at a glance. Good design and UX can help to achieve this, by guiding visitors through your store and helping them to understand your offerings. In addition, well-designed eCommerce stores are more likely to convert visitors into customers, as they instill confidence and trust.

Customer Focused

A customer-first approach is essential to ensure that your designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly.

Great Experiences

From small updates to large exciting features, there are always opportunities to improve and create great experiences.

Meet business goals

Good design isn't enough to stand out from the crowd, your website needs to align with and target your brand and business goals.

"So proud of the team picking up Best UX at the Ecommerce Awards last night. While it was Injy and myself up onstage, this really was for the Heal's teams who've done all the hard work in getting us to where we are today. Not to mention our friends and partners The Pixel, Richard and all. Watch this space, we're just getting started…."

Mark Hammond
STRATEGY - BUILD - Data Insights & Audiences

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