Magento 2.2 - Industry-Leading B2B Commerce

Magento 2.2 - Industry-Leading B2B Commerce

A major shift is underway; Magento 2.2 is here, and
with it comes significant new functionality including a
full suite of native B2B features, performance and
deployment enhancements, advanced reporting and more.

Why focus on B2B?


A shift from legacy systems and catalog-only sales to online
platforms, and the fact 1/3 of clients already use Magento for
B2B, are all driving forces behind Magento’s decision to focus
on B2B online sales growth.


Because of these changing buyer attitudes, strong demand for
Magento 2.2 is expected in the B2B industries, as merchants
look to benefit from the host of new and leading B2B features
made available in the new release.

Magento 2.2 will make it easy to grow your
digital B2B business

Merchants will be able to:

  • Manage and sell to companies with multiple buyers
    in layered organisational structures with varying
    levels of authority
  • Organise buyers according to company structure and
    assign roles and permissions
  • Negotiate pricing a variety of different ways, offering
    optimal flexibility to ensure happy buyers
  • Drive recurring revenue with fast and convenient
    ordering Create requisition lists with products that
    are frequently purchased
  • Define a minimum amount for quotes
  • Define expiration dates for each quote offered

Buyers will be able to:

  • Track their available credit
  • Make purchases on credit
  • Easily track order statuses
  • Easily manage the quoting process from initial request,
    through to order completion with an intuitive ‘Request
    a Quote’ interface and streamlined workflow
  • Quickly add products to the cart by entering SKUs or
    upload a list of SKUs
  • Ask for custom discounts on sets of products
  • A full history of logged actions will offer
    full transparency

Magento Named a B2B Leader in
Forrester Wave Report

Magento has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave: B2B
Commerce Suites For Midsize Organizations. The report cited
the Magento platform as:

"Best fit for mid-sized B2B companies that want an open,
feature-rich solution that can be extended easily
and inexpensively."

Why’s this important? Forrester is one of the most influential
research and advisory firms in the world, with unique insights
from annual surveys of more than 675,000 consumers and
business leaders worldwide.

The evaluation criteria included market presence and multiple
other components – Magento received the highest score
possible in 14 sub-categories.

"Magento’s latest release, V2.2, is a cloud-based solution that
includes an out-of-the-box B2B module that packages together
the most important B2B features as a part of the core commerce
platform," wrote Andy Hoar, Forrester analyst and author of the

Forrester Wave™. B2B Commerce Suites For Midsize Organizations, Q3 ‘17 buyers

ForresterThe Forrester Wave™

Go to to download the Forrester Wave tool
for more detailed product evaluations, feature comparisons,
and customisable rankings.

Our B2B experience

We’ve worked with some of the biggest Magento B2B
clients in the UK.

Gill Marine – a unique B2B website offering direct sales to distributors and outlets from across the world.

The Consortium – a leading international education supplies company with over 100k products.

Lyco Direct Ltd – the UK’s premier lighting company providing lighting products from around the world, to name just a few.

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