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Our Magento Audit service is designed to give you peace of mind that your site is built for optimal performance, to best coding quality and the highest security standards.

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Magento Audit

Our audits cover

Core Code Integrity

Core code Integrity

A review of changes that may have been made to the Magento core codebase; to allow for stability and core security, this should remain intact.

Performance & Optimisation Review

Performance & Optimisation Review

A speed and stability audit will focus on server architecture, asset delivery, front-end theme, and the integrity of the custom code and extensions.

Front-end Theme Audit

Front-end Theme Audit

Browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, CSS, HTML, JS validity, and the coding standards of the theme will all be assessed.

Module Code Audit

Module Code Audit

Custom and third-party extensions will be reviewed and benchmarked against Magento coding standards, our expertise and industry best practice.

Log File Analysis

Log File Analysis

An analysis of the website server and application logs for errors generated, to identify coding errors, vulnerabilities and performance issues.

Security Review

Security Review

An application & hosting security review for the relevant Magento version will assess out-dated code, unpatched security updates and known vulnerabilities.

Why have an audit?


Poorly written code and inefficiencies will increase the load on your server’s resources, raise the number of calls to your database, frustrate your customers, and at worst bring your site down. We’ll identify and eradicate key performance bottlenecks.


Out-dated code, unpatched updates, third-party code with security vulnerabilities - they all compromise your website and business. We’ll identify security risks, rank them by priority, and advise on best practices to help you shore up your security.

Best Practice

We’ll analyse the overall structure and build quality of the code on your site to ensure that Magento best practices have been adhered to; we’re a leader in the field of Magento development and there is no better agency to do so.

Common Issues

Common Issues

We’ve dealt with countless projects where the core codebase of Magento has been modified or ‘optimised’, supposedly in the client’s best interest. The Magento core codebase should never be modified (only extended) - it compromises the stability of your website and your ability to upgrade and develop further in the future.

Issues with poorly built Magento website:
  • Slow website speed
  • Poor checkout performance
  • No scalability
  • Difficulty developing new features
  • Problems with integrations
  • Breaks when extensions are implemented
  • Security breaches

The right audit for you

Basic Magento Audit
Advanced Magento Audit
Magento Release Review
Code Audit
For merchants looking for a standard audit of their site with few concerns about the original development build.
Security Patch Review
For merchants looking for a more detailed audit that will investigate performance related concerns as well as overall health and security.
Performance Review
Security Review
Log File Analysis
Audit Duration
1 week
2 weeks

Questions & Answers

What access do you need?

In order for us to do a complete audit, we would ideally be granted access to your production server(s). This will enable us to review your code as well as your hosting environment and application set up. If we cannot get access then we would want a clone of the codebase and a copy of the database - without sensitive customer information such as orders and customer record; we can show you how to obtain this.

How long does the audit process take?

Depending on which audit you choose the process should take no longer than two weeks to complete, a full report will then be shared with you.

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