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The Pixel is one of the leading e-commerce agencies in the UK, with over eight years of experience in building Magento sites, see below why some of the top online brands choose us for their Magento project.

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Here at The Pixel we have a proven track record in planning, designing, developing and successfully launching technically challenging e-commerce websites using Magento 1 and the recently released Magento 2 application.

We understand that technical challenges face all new development projects and have finely tuned over many years an efficient and transparent process that ensures deadlines are met and completed within budget!

Our skilled team of certified project managers will work with your team to craft a detailed project specification that in time will be filtered into a sprint led development cycle - all managed using the very latest Agile Development methodology controlled and monitored by Jira Software (by Atlassian). This level of documentation allows for a greater standard of transparency, reporting and flexibility throughout the development cycle.

Magento Development

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Our internal team based in the UK comprises of highly skilled and experienced individuals including Magento certified backend and frontend developers as well as solution specialists.

Project Managers: With complete hands-on experience with Magento, our project managers will ensure your project runs effortlessly with full communication throughout.

Certified Developer Plus: Magento Certified Developer Plus ensure we deliver the highest quality code creating a successful, efficient and bug-free website with scope for future growth and expansion.

Certified Developers: In addition to our Senior Certified Developers our experienced PHP developers support the custom development required.

Quality Control: Our internal team of testers ensure that code released is fully tested and bug-free.

"using advanced tools like Jira Software enables us to maintain a strict development cycle whilst offering freedom to focus on the tasks to launch a Minimum Viable Product..."

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