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We grow through the strength of our relationships. Not only do we do what is asked, but we are always there for the moments that no-one could have predicted.

Support around the clock

Our 24/7 technical support is proactive, reactive and flexible, meaning you can get on with the business of running your Magento store with greater certainty. When you contact us either online or by phone, you get access to our professional, friendly and responsive technical support team, that will also work on urgent tickets tirelessly and transparently until issues are resolved.

Business Development & Optimisation

Our support packages cover development as well, so you can use your hours to improve your site performance whenever you need it. Our project management team has a wealth of ecommerce experience to help keep your site on-trend with current developments. We know that each business has its own needs - choose a package that provides the level of service you need.

Our support is...


A good support system should not just be waiting for things to go wrong and reacting to problems as they occur. At The Pixel, our tech team are constantly carrying out maintenance, monitoring your site, identifying potential issues and solving them before things go wrong.


When a member of your team approaches us through our 24/7 contact system, either online or by phone, they get access to professional, friendly and responsive certified technical support. Critical issues can be quickly assessed and fast-tracked with clear timelines for resolution.


At The Pixel, we know that each business has its own needs which require different levels of support. You can choose from a number of packages that provide the response time and level of service which suits your requirements.

Find a plan that's right for you


Growth support plan includes 20 support hours per month and 2 critical out of office hours.


Pro support plan includes 40 support hours per month and 4 critical out of office hours.


Premium support plan includes 60 support hours, a Senior Project Manager and 6 critical out of office hours.

Premium +

Premium + is a custom built, fully comprehensive support plan providing a complete level of service tailored directly to your business needs.
Please speak to us to arrange.

Compare our support plans

Plan features
Included hours
Project Manager
Out of office telephone
Site monitoring
Magento security updates
Critical support hours
Senior Project Manager
Hours expire
After 30 Days
After 30 Days
After 90 Days

Questions & Answers

How do you manage my tasks?
Whilst we do not believe in hiding behind a ticketing system we Jira to manage all of our client's tasks. We also provide telephone, email and Skype contacts for your key account and project managers. We will set up weekly calls to discuss your activity board and will use this time to actively schedule future work and discuss the ongoing tasks at hand.
Can I have a custom package?
Certainly - we often build bespoke packages tailored to exact requirements. If you're looking for more support hours or additional critical out of office hours just let us know and we can build something just for you.
Can I change my packages throughout the year?
If you're on our monthly rolling package you are free to change your package throughout the month, we just ask for 30 days notice prior to making the change.
Do I have to sign a lengthy contract?
We offer two contracts, a rolling monthly contract where we just require 30 days notice to change or cancel. We also offer a reduced 12 month contract that is approximately 10% cheaper than the standard package.
Will you install Magento security patches?
As a company rule security patches are applied to all environments as soon as they are released. We will reduce your support hours by the time taken to install the critical security patches released by Magento.
Can you upgrade my version of Magento with the support hours?
Absolutely! However due to the complex nature of Magento upgrades you may be required to purchase additional hours to support the upgrade process.
What can my support hours be used for?
We do not restrict the usage of your support hours, so they can be used to fix bugs, make improvements and add new functionality. We will work with you to ensure your time is being spent to make real improvements to your site and where possible pro-actively offering advice that will increase revenue and conversions.
Do the support hours roll over from month to month?
Your support hours included in your package do not roll over from month to month. If you sign up to our monthly rolling contract you're free to adjust your package (30 days notice required in advance). On the Premium package, your monthly hours are averaged over a 90 day period.

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