I’m Adam Babajee-Pycroft, MD of UX agency Natural Interaction. We regularly partner with The Pixel to offer UX expertise on Magento ecommerce projects. Our optimisation and user research services can help you work out what to change to increase user satisfaction and boost conversion rates. Here’s some more background on what we can do.

Why do we work with The Pixel?

We’ve collaborated on some great projects with The Pixel. The success of our partnership comes down to sharing values while sticking to our specialities. Our teams are both results driven, client focussed and agile. That means that we concentrate on always building the right thing, moving fast and achieving an end result that does what it’s supposed to. The Pixel do this by being masters of Magento – we complement that by being laser-focused on UX. We enjoy working with these guys too! We recently moved offices to Paintworks, Bristol’s creative quarter, to strengthen our working relationship by being located nearby. Desk to desk, it’s now a 2-minute walk, so impromptu meetings and chats are easy.

For the story of one of our past collaborations with The Pixel, check out this case study, an example from which can be seen below:

The Consortium homepage features, post redesign…

The Consortium case study

1. Simplified navigation, showing the breadth of what the site offers
2. A powerful search, placed front and centre allowing users quick access to the products
3. A prominent link to the basket, showing the number of items
4. A clear value proposition, explains what the site is for and the benefits of shopping there
5. A static image to support the value proposition which can be updated regularly
6. Links to popular user actions, replacing a distracting but ineffective carousel of images
7. Space for promoting ongoing added value features
8. Campaign spaces for driving user engagement
9. Most popular products based on user activity


What does Natural Interaction bring to a project?

What we can do really depends on what you need. Often we work with companies looking to make incremental improvements to optimise an existing ecommerce site, user testing to find weak spots and improve conversion rates. We also support The Pixel on total site redesigns, working more fundamentally on finding out what to build.

We call our methodology Lean UX, which means we incorporate design thinking from the very start of a project, moving fast and validating ideas as we go along through user testing and prototyping to identify how customers behave, what they want, and to create solutions they’ll love.

How we help you design the right thing

If you’re completely redesigning your ecommerce site, Natural Interaction can provide powerful tools for an effective discovery process to help you figure out what to build. That means user testing to identify what customer problems need to be solved and how you can solve them effectively before you commit your budget to a final design.

We can also help you figure out how to organise content and how to make features usable. We can either work with your in-house designers, your existing design agency or our creative partners Phoenix Wharf.

Our optimisation process

If you’ve already got a website but you want to improve conversion rates, we can remove the guesswork and help you see what needs to be tweaked using objective testing.

We do this with a range of user tools including user testing, split testing and analytics, that allow us to see what users are really doing on your site, what their journey looks like and where you might be losing them along the way. We can identify strengths and weaknesses in your current design so that you spend your budget changing things that will really make a difference. This user testing process can also be applied on your competitors’ websites so you can learn from their mistakes and outmanoeuvre them.

We deliver this information in a suite of tailored reports that give you the results of our research in a format you can use to make decisions and inform others in your organisation.

We’ve recently launched three exclusive optimisation packages for The Pixel’s clients.

· Bronze UX Review Package
A usability review carried out by a UX expert, drawing on Natural Interaction’s past experience of similar websites. We deliver pragmatic and actionable recommendations for improvements.

· Silver User Testing Package : Mobile or desktop
We test your website with 5 customers, identifying opportunities for improvement and validating ideas before you invest in development.

· Gold User Testing Package : Mobile & desktop
We test your website with 10 customers over both mobile and desktop and include a web analytics review.

To find out more about how Natural Interaction and The Pixel can work together to design or improve your ecommerce platform, get in touch.