We’ve all heard that we need to produce great content; it’s the best way of driving traffic to your website and of improving search rankings. ‘Content is king’. Why?

Google’s job is really quite simple: find the very best websites for its users. What makes a good website: its content. If you spend your time being more interested in your site’s rankings than in the actual value of what’s on your site, then it’s never going to work out. Your primary objective should be better content – higher rankings should then follow as your reward.

It’s traffic that you are after, in all shapes and forms. And it’s what’s on your website that can help make that happen.

To quote Google:
Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.


Great content will give your site…

link generation

Link generation

Yes, links are still massively important to search engines. They’re one of the main ways a search engine identifies if your website is worth its salt when it comes to a given search term or topic. What’s changed in recent years is the significance of the quality of those links. The quality content that attracts organic links from people that are enjoying your website are some of the best links you can generate. Therefore your search rankings will almost certainly improve if people chose to link to the content you’re producing.

web traffic


Forget everything else: the reason you want to rise up the search rankings, spend money on Adwords, use affiliate schemes, is that you want traffic. So if you’re producing content that is driving people to your website, promoting your business and eventually selling your products, then you’ve achieved your online marketing goal. It doesn’t actually matter if they found you on Google or via Facebook, what’s important is they ended up on your website for the right reasons.



One of the main reasons to produce excellent content is the value it adds to your business and website. If you’ve got an excellent website with the content that your customers require, then your customers will use your website, stay on your website and come back for more. Offering that type of service reflects well on your company as a whole.