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February Insight Session

Finding out the latest trends and insight

February 23, 2024

Aynsley Peet
Head of Growth

On the 7th February we held our first customer event of 2024 and it was a pleasure to welcome our customers to the Adobe offices for a full morning of networking, presentations and roundtables.

We run quarterly customer events to ensure we keep our clients up to speed with the latest developments in the market place. Insights that we have gathered around particular topics. It a great chance to also get up to speed with the latest product developments.

The session covered:

Latest eCommerce Trends

We spent an hour or so looking at the importance of brand messaging, email marketing continuing to be a leading channel and the rise of customers willing to share data for a better experience. Covering subjects like checkout abandonment. We focussed on the Baymard Institute data that 68.8% of customers who added an item to basket didn’t complete a checkout. The Pixel talked through best checkout experiences to drive online sales and reduce customer friction. 

With website page speeds being a continued area of focus for retailers and development teams alike we analysed how improving page speeds can bring in conversion uplifts and reductions in customer bounce rates.

Ways of working

The Pixel Account Management team then presented a Ways of Working presentation which covered web steering, board and backlog management, defect tickets and acceptance criteria to help our customers better understand The Pixel account management processes.

Pennies Charity

Rob Rees from Pennies Charity then kindly presented an introduction to Pennies and how businesses are using Pennies to raise funds. With over £48 million raised using Pennies to date our customers got insight into how easy it is to get up and running with Pennies on their website to raise money for their selected charities.

AI in Commerce

Simon Coles, a Senior Partner Solution Consultant from Adobe deliver a presentation on AI In Commerce.

The AI in Commerce topic provided an insightful presentation which highlighted how AI has quietly become ingrained in our everyday lives with a callout to Gen AI being adopted faster than any other new wave of Tech in history. The presentation then went on to provide insight into the common struggles with adopting AI which included marketers wanting to maintain control, organisations lacking data science resources and AI technologies falling short in privacy and trust standards. 

Customer roundtables

The event then concluded with our roundtables which we always see as one of our highlights from the customer events. Nothing makes The Pixel happier than seeing our customers talk to each other to share experiences and insights. With topics covered including eCommerce in 2024, personalisation, A/B testing, AI in Commerce and more.

Look out for our next customer event date and customer event review! Please also reach out to The Pixel if you would like to attend a future customer event. We would be very happy to welcome you to our next customer event.

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