Adobe Edge Delivery Services

Edge Delivery Services is a composable set of services that helps create and deliver high-performing digital experiences resulting in an exponential growth in revenue. Its revolutionary document-based authoring technique can be used to create and publish content at light speed, using document-based authoring tools such as Microsoft Word or Google Doc.

Adobe Edge Delivery Services
Author Content Faster  

Content authored and released quicker using familiar tools (document-based authoring).

Fast - 100 PageSpeed

Heightened customer experience and satisfaction directly contributing to revenue growth.

Improved SEO Rankings

Increases site's performance with notable improvement in search ranking – attracting new visitors.

Development efficiency

Saving up to 50% development time by using a modern technology stack.

Next Generation performance

Performance and efficiency

Adobe Edge Delivery Services offers a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your digital experiences. Tailored for the modern age of e-commerce and media consumption, Edge Delivery Services leverages the power of Adobe's global network to ensure that your content is delivered swiftly and securely, no matter where your audience is.

With strategic thinking at its core, Adobe Edge Delivery Services provides comprehensive support to adapt to ever-evolving digital demands, empowering businesses to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. It is not just about faster delivery; it's about smarter engagement, better resilience, and driving tangible results with a dynamic content distribution.

Adobe EDGE Delivery Services

Enhanced Customer Experience

When integrated with the expansive suite of Adobe Products, EDS super-charges conventional delivery offering tailored, multi-solution frameworks that cater uniquely to the nuances of a business. EDS enhances the customer experiences exponentially, increasing performance, driving efficiency and driving more sales. The Pixel are at the forefront of this integration and deployment already seeing seismic changes in performance for our clients.

Adobe Commerce

EDS Supercharging Commerce

In an age where milliseconds determine whether a customer stays or strays, the demands on digital commerce platforms are more exacting than ever before. Integrating Adobe Edge Services to Commerce unlocks unrivalled performance and efficiencies. Here at The Pixel, our team has been working with this transformative technology, achieving results that are as much about smart innovation as they are about delivering tangible, commercial success.

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Adobe Target

Adobe EDS + Target delivering smart digital commerce.

Integrating Adobe Edge Delivery Service with Adobe Target is a game-changer for digital experiences. This powerful blend delivers content closer to your audience, drastically cutting down load times and smoothing the browsing experience. With Adobe Target, personalisation reaches new heights, tailoring your content expertly and instantly to engage customers more meaningfully. Together, they form a robust, strategic approach ensuring your message isn't just fast, but also spot-on—bringing you closer to your performance goals with every click. It's proactive, dynamic, and designed for results. This is smart digital commerce with a competitive edge.

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Adobe Real-Time CDP

Adobe EDS + Real-Time CDP accelerating data-driven marketing.

Integrating Adobe Edge Delivery with Adobe Real-Time CDP is like giving a turbo boost to your data-driven marketing efforts. It pairs speedy content delivery with insightful customer data for tailored, on-the-spot interactions. This power duo ensures that your marketing messages are as personal as they are quick, serving up customised experiences at lightning speeds. Enjoy the edge of real-time responses backed by a deep understanding of each customer, making your brand not just responsive, but proactively engaging and dynamic. It's smart, strategic, and results-driven.

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Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe EDS + Adobe CJA tailored, impactful customer experiences at warp speed.

Integrating Adobe Edge Delivery Service with Adobe Customer Journey Analytics crystallises data processing and insights for businesses. It results in lightning-fast data transfer and analysis. It allows The Pixel Team to fine-tune marketing strategies in real-time, having a pulse on customer interactions, and making informed decisions quickly. This combination is a strategic powerhouse: it offers enhanced, precise analytics from multiple touchpoints, coupled with swift actionability, empowering businesses to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

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JoJo Maman Bébé
JoJo Maman Bébé

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Putting people and the planet before profit, with nearly 100 stores across the UK, Ireland and the US. From humble beginnings as a kitchen table start-up in 1992, JoJo Maman Bébé offers gorgeous, quirky yet practical designs and excellent customer service.

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