A dedicated team of experts who deliver seamless user journeys using tried and tested methodologies to drive better and continually improved commercial success.

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Integrating for effective experiences.

Together we explore and visualise your customer experience. Combining brand values your customers love with their needs we can design a customer led immersive eCommerce experience.

Good user experience will help convert and build loyal advocates. To understand your customer behaviours & expectations we use a variety of tools to collect valuable insights. Heatmaps, analytics, interviews & questionnaires mixed with our experience of best  practise, we can identify journey issues, missed opportunities &  ultimately make the right decision.

Our key methodology is "Share Fast" - we don't hold back designs from stakeholders, Project Managers & Developers. We integrate all our  teams with yours for a seamless design sign off & build process. This way, everyone is on the same page from the start and there are no  surprises when it comes to the final product.

Integrating for effective experiences.
delivering for success

Experts in understanding customer needs and then creating, testing and delivering best in class user experiences.

UX Research

Harnessing comprehensive market data and real-world user interactions, we deliver exceptional user experiences tailored to the needs of digital commerce businesses. Our in-depth research ensures that every design decision is informed by accurate insights, maximising engagement and satisfaction. We employ various techniques, including surveys, interviews, and analytics, to gather actionable data that guides our design process.

Prototype Testing

Creating detailed scenarios to simulate user interactions, allowing us to understand and refine how users will engage with your e-commerce platform. This proactive approach ensures that your website's user journey is seamless and intuitive, leading to higher conversion rates. We use interactive prototypes to test and validate design concepts before full-scale development, ensuring a user-friendly final product.

Panel Testing

Utilising diverse audience panels, we gather real-world insights to validate and enhance your digital experiences. This method provides actionable feedback from actual users, ensuring your e-commerce site meets their needs and exceeds expectations. Our panel testing includes usability studies, focus groups, and beta testing, enabling us to refine features and functionalities based on genuine user feedback.

Ready to Build

At The Pixel, our "Share Fast" methodology means we integrate closely with your teams, rapidly iterating on designs without holding back. This collaborative approach ensures swift progress and alignment, allowing us to deliver high-quality, user-centric digital experiences efficiently. By maintaining open communication and frequent feedback loops, we ensure that our designs align perfectly with your business goals and user needs.

User Journey Mapping

Meticulously mapping out the entire user journey to identify key touchpoints and potential pain points. This ensures that every interaction is optimised to guide users smoothly from discovery to conversion. We create detailed journey maps that highlight user motivations, behaviours, and challenges, providing a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience from start to finish.

Usability Testing

Conducting usability testing sessions to identify and rectify obstacles users might encounter, providing actionable insights to improve overall functionality and ease of use. We test with real users to uncover usability issues, employing both qualitative and quantitative methods to gather comprehensive feedback. This process helps us refine navigation, design elements, and overall user flow.

Information Architecture

Designing a clear, logical structure for your website’s content to ensure users can easily find the information they need, leading to a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience. Our approach involves creating detailed site maps, categorising content, and developing intuitive navigation systems that align with user expectations and behaviours.

A/B Testing

Performing A/B testing on various design elements and features to determine the most effective solutions for enhancing user engagement and increasing conversions. We design controlled experiments to compare different versions of web pages, analysing user interactions to identify the most impactful design choices. This data-driven approach ensures continuous improvement and optimisation.

Accessibility Compliance

Adhering to WCAG guidelines to ensure your e-commerce platform is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, enhancing user experience and broadening your customer base. We perform thorough accessibility audits and implement best practices to make your site usable for individuals with varying abilities, ensuring compliance with legal standards and promoting inclusivity.

Personalisation Strategies

Developing personalisation strategies leveraging user data and behavioural insights to tailor the shopping experience to individual preferences, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. We use advanced analytics and machine learning to deliver customised content, product recommendations, and user experiences, creating a more engaging and relevant shopping journey for each customer.

Mobile First Design

Ensuring your e-commerce site provides a seamless experience on mobile devices first, catering to the growing trend of mobile commerce. We design and test layouts that prioritise mobile usability, ensuring consistency and functionality across all devices. Our mobile first design strategy enhances accessibility and user satisfaction, reflecting the importance of mobile users in the e-commerce landscape.

Creating Personalisation for Farrow & Ball a British icon
Creating Personalisation for Farrow & Ball a British icon

From Paralysis to Personalisation in 6 Months

Farrow & Ball has been based in Dorset, England, since 1946. To this day, the brand remains dedicated to handcrafting richly pigmented paints and unique wallpapers using only the finest ingredients. The result is a directional palette of paint colours with an extraordinary response to light and artisanal wallpapers with a tactile finish, achieved by printing paint on paper. Together, they transform homes of all kinds, inside and out, all over the world.


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They are an amazing group of down to earth digital commerce experts always ready to go above and beyond to support our business strategy.

Ben Benichou


The Pixel provide excellent service, right through from advising on strategy, collaborative analysis, agile delivery, consistent implementation and diligent post-implementation support.

Matthew Lyon


The Pixel are an agency you can rely on. Not only do they communicate and deliver exactly what they say they will, they look to the future and bring to us the things we need to be thinking about and planning for.

Tracey Drain

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