We have an expert, accredited and highly trained team of developers with skills and experience in building successful and reliable commerce solutions for our clients.

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Scaling quickly with reliability

Successful online businesses have one thing in common: successful development.

We know that businesses need to scale quickly and reliably that's why we build bulletproof solutions that can withstand your busiest periods.  Focus on your core business and leave the heavy lifting to us. Every project has the potential for change, innovation and successful  achievements.

We believe in the importance of not just getting the  solution right, but getting it right first time. Our skills and  processes have been proven over the many years of experience within the  eCommerce industry, and together with our qualified team of experts, we  strive to build exceptional solutions.

Scaling quickly with reliability
delivering for success

Successful online businesses have one thing in common: successful development based on the best people and process.

Scalable eCommerce Platform Development

We build robust, scalable eCommerce platforms tailored to your business needs. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing the flexibility to support future growth and evolving customer demands, ensuring your digital commerce infrastructure is always performing at its best.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Solutions

Develop tailored content management systems that enhance user engagement and streamline content delivery. Our solutions ensure that you can deliver personalised experiences aligned with customer journeys, optimising content management for better efficiency and impact across all digital touchpoints.

Integrated Customer Data Platforms

Create and deploy comprehensive customer data platforms that unify disparate data sources. Our solutions provide real-time insights, enabling personalised interactions and more effective marketing strategies, ensuring you can leverage customer data to enhance every aspect of your digital presence.

Automated Customer Journey Development

Design and implement automated workflows that optimise customer journeys. Using real-time data, our solutions personalise interactions, improving customer experiences and increasing engagement, all while ensuring that each touchpoint is effectively managed and optimised for better results.

Performance Optimisation and Load Management

Develop infrastructure solutions that enhance site performance and manage load effectively. Our services ensure your digital platforms operate seamlessly, even during peak traffic periods, providing a consistent and reliable user experience that meets the highest performance standards.

Advanced Security and Compliance Builds

Build secure digital environments that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Our solutions protect customer data through robust security measures and compliance protocols, ensuring that your digital commerce operations maintain trust and integrity while safeguarding sensitive information.

Creating Personalisation for Farrow & Ball a British icon
Creating Personalisation for Farrow & Ball a British icon

From Paralysis to Personalisation in 6 Months

Farrow & Ball has been based in Dorset, England, since 1946. To this day, the brand remains dedicated to handcrafting richly pigmented paints and unique wallpapers using only the finest ingredients. The result is a directional palette of paint colours with an extraordinary response to light and artisanal wallpapers with a tactile finish, achieved by printing paint on paper. Together, they transform homes of all kinds, inside and out, all over the world.


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delivering consistent high service

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For over 10 years we have experienced the same, consistent, extremely high standard of care and attention. The Pixel regularly go above and beyond. Their technical knowledge and experience is outstanding.

Ellie Vaughan


That rock solid reliability cannot be underestimated on any ecommerce project. They make me look good at my job. I only wish I'd found them sooner.

Tracey Drain

Spectrum Brands

They really embody a number of agile principles, including putting the customer first, welcoming changing requirements, attention to technical excellence and good designs, and delivering working software frequently.

Matthew Lyon

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The Pixel Named 2024 Adobe Digital Experience Emerging Partner of the Year.

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