Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform—a real-time platform within the Adobe Experience Cloud—empowers organizations to deliver compelling customer experiences at scale. As the foundation of Adobe's powerful suite, the Experience Platform enables businesses to centralise and standardise customer data and content across every channel, utilising cutting-edge AI and machine learning.

Real-Time Insights

Harness immediate customer interactions across all touchpoints for instant, informed decision-making.

Holistic Customer Profiles

Achieve a 360-degree view of each customer, empowering personalized engagements.

Scalable Architectures

AEP seamlessly grows with your business, ensuring smart solutions for every stage of your expansion.

Actionable Intelligence

Transform data into results with predictive analytics, steering strategic, and proactive interventions.

Dynamic and Comprehensive

Real-Time customer engagement

The Pixel works with Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and our clients to unlock the full potential of data.  AEP offers a comprehensive view of your customer, ensuring seamless interactions across every touchpoint. AI-Powered Insights enables smart, data-driven decisions. Real-time Customer Profiles deliver personalised experiences that resonate with each individual. The Pixel chooses AEP for proactive and results-oriented management of our clients' digital ecosystem, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Adobe Experience Platform

Unify and refine

Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) stands as a foundational shift in the landscape of digital experience management, enabling organisations to unify and refine their client interaction strategies. With the seamless integration of AEP across Adobe's  suite of products, it offers an unparalleled consolidation of data and content, ensuring a coherent and personalised user experience at every touchpoint.

Through this integration, The Pixel clients benefit from real-time data analytics, enhanced customer profiling, and AI-driven insights, driving efficiency and effectiveness in marketing campaigns.

Adobe Commerce

AEP + Adobe Commerce creating smarter results.

Integrating Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) with Adobe Commerce opens a world of personalised shopping experiences, powered by real-time customer data. This synergy leads to nuanced consumer insights, driving strategic, tailored marketing campaigns that resonate and increase conversion.

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Adobe Journey Optimiser

AJO + AEP delivering deeper insights.

By integrating Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) with Adobe Journey Optimiser, businesses unlock a powerhouse of personalised marketing. This synergy enables a single view of each customer, capturing their interactions across various touchpoints for cohesive experiences.

Companies benefit from real-time insights to tailor customer journeys, ensuring relevant and strategic engagement at every step. This creates precise targeted campaigns efficiently, and delivers impactful results.

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Adobe Real-Time CDP

AEP + RT CDP Personalisation at scale

Integrating Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers businesses to deliver personalised, omnichannel experiences at scale. This powerful combo harnesses real-time insights, enabling strategic decision-making and tailored marketing solutions.

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Adobe Target

AEP + Target predictive tailored content.

By integrating Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) with Adobe Target, businesses unlock unparalleled personalisation capabilities. AEP's robust data management converges with Target's testing and optimisation features, allowing for hyper-targeted customer experiences. This integration enables predictive insights and tailored content delivery, ultimately enhancing conversion rates and maximising ROI.

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JoJo Maman Bébé

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