We have a team of multi-solution experts who can help create the best in class planning for all your digital commerce needs.

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Smart thinking & implementation

At The Pixel, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We don't just work for our clients, we work with them as a part of their team. This one-team approach allows us to truly understand your business and its unique needs, so that we can provide smart and connected solutions.

Our Digital Commerce experts bring years of knowledge and experience to the table, but we know that your team members are also highly talented and have a deep understanding of your company. By combining our expertise with yours in ideation sessions, setting out roadmaps, and gathering requirements, we can create tailored solutions that address all areas of your tech stack.

Smart thinking & implementation
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Our Strategic Services

We offer multiple services to ensure the best possible strategic advice and planning for commercial success.

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What our clients say about us...

"That rock solid reliability cannot be underestimated on any ecommerce project. They make me look good at my job. I only wish I'd found them sooner."

Tracey Drain

Spectrum Brands

"They really embody a number of agile principles, including putting the customer first, welcoming changing requirements, attention to technical excellence and good designs, and delivering working software frequently."

Matthew Lyon


"The Pixel are absolutely an agency you can rely on. Not only do they communicate and deliver on exactly what they say they will, they look to the future and bring to us the things we need to be thinking about and planning for."

Tracey Drain

Spectrum Brands
Keeping ahead

Insights & News

There's always lots going on at The Pixel.  Have a scroll around a find about our news and insight.

The Pixel Wins Prestigious Adobe Accolade

The Pixel Named 2024 Adobe Digital Experience Emerging Partner of the Year.

Adobe Summit, March 25- 28, Las Vegas

The Pixel team will be attending the Adobe Summit and here's a few of our must see moments.

Document Based Authoring with Adobe Edge Delivery Services

The Pixel team are breaking new ground with Adobe Edge Delivery Services building automated content creation.