Adobe Real-Time CDP

Adobe Real Time CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a software solution that helps businesses collect, organize, and utilize customer data for more personalized marketing and customer experiences.

Adobe Real-Time CDP
Unified Customer Profiles

Aggregate data across touchpoints, creating holistic customer views that fuel targeted marketing efforts.

Real-Time Engagement

Instantly adapt strategies using real-time analytics, ensuring timely and relevant customer interactions.

Predictive Insights

Leverage AI-driven predictions to anticipate customer behaviours and preferences.


Robust platform evolves with your business needs, ensuring seamless scalability and flexibility.

Intelligence and Precision

Personalisation at scale

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) stands as the gold standard for businesses looking to harness the power of their data in the digital age. This  sophisticated platform allows companies to construct a unified, real-time customer profiles, enabling personalised experiences across every channel.

The Pixel deploys and uses this product with our clients to gain valuable insights and anticipate customer needs ensuring that each interaction is impactful and informed by data. Its a product we at The Pixel trust to deliver a customer data solution that is as dynamic and proactive as your business.

Strategise with Confidence: Leveraging Adobe Real-Time CDP for Data-Driven Decisions

With Adobe Real-Time CDP, we unlock deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, shaping robust digital strategies tailored to your business goals.

Elevate Your Optimization Game with Adobe Real-Time CDP

In the quest for peak performance, leveraging real-time data transforms how we approach website and campaign optimisation. Adobe Real-Time CDP acts as our data powerhouse, enabling personalised customer experiences that drive conversion.

Adobe Real-Time CDP

Powerful Real Time insight

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) embodies intelligent design and strategic mastery. When integrated with a suite of Adobe products, it offers businesses the leverage to harness powerful, data-driven insights in real-time. By synthesising copious data points, it empowers brands to craft personalised customer experiences with precision, ensuring that each engagement is as unique as the individual it reaches.

Adobe Commerce

Real-Time CDP +  Adobe Commerce unlocks deep customer insights for tailored engagement.

This powerful duo enables predictive decision-making, optimises marketing strategies, and drives confident, data-fuelled commerce growth. With a focus on precision and agility, businesses can deliver personalised journeys at scale, ensuring measurable outcomes and solidifying market position.

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Adobe Experience Platform

AEP + Real-Time CDP Personalisation at scale

By integrating Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) with Adobe Journey Optimiser, businesses unlock a powerhouse of personalised marketing. This synergy enables a single view of each customer, capturing their interactions across various touchpoints for cohesive experiences.

Companies benefit from real-time insights to tailor customer journeys, ensuring relevant and strategic engagement at every step. This creates precise targeted campaigns efficiently, and delivers impactful results.

Adobe Journey Optimiser

Adobe Real-Time CDP with AJO greater insights & dynamic engagement.

This powerful synergy ensures that your messaging resonates, improving conversion rates and building enduring customer relationships. At The Pixel we use this integration to improve smart, results-driven customer experiences.

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Adobe Target

Real-Time CDP + Target delivers personalisation at scale.

Integrating Adobe Real-Time CDP with Adobe Target empowers businesses to harness deep customer insights swiftly and apply them to create tailored, impactful experiences. This powerful combination facilitates strategic decision-making, driving conversion by delivering personalised content at scale. Expect precision targeting and maximised ROI, positioning your brand at the forefront of dynamic digital commerce.

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