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There's always lots going on at The Pixel.  Have a scroll around and find out about our news and insight.  We have our own rolling programme of insight and research that helps us keep our finger on the pulse and our clients ahead of the curve. If you want to receive our regular updates just leave us your email below.

The Pixel Wins Prestigious Adobe Accolade

The Pixel Named 2024 Adobe Digital Experience Emerging Partner of the Year.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Customer Data

A Strategic Imperative for Digital Commerce Growth...

May Customer Event

Another packed session of the latest market insights.

Adobe Summit - Recapping the Big Announcements

A few of the key announcements made at this year's Adobe Summit.

The Future of Customer Experience Management in the Age of Generative AI

The latest developments from Adobe around generative AI and how it is creating personalisation at scale.

Document Based Authoring with Adobe Edge Delivery Services

The Pixel team are breaking new ground with Adobe Edge Delivery Services building automated content creation.

Adobe Summit, March 25- 28, Las Vegas

The Pixel team will be attending the Adobe Summit and here's a few of our must see moments.

Adobe Commerce February Product Announcements

Read all about the latest product announcements from Adobe Commerce enhancing the Adobe Commerce platform for their customers to support and drive their online growth.

Luma Bridge: Bridging the Gap for a Seamless Adobe Commerce Experience

Luma Bridge links your EDS frontend with your Commerce backend, ensuring a smooth customer journey.

We’re a Gold Adobe Partner Again

We are thrilled to announce that The Pixel has been recognised once again as an Adobe Gold Partner for the upcoming year, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in digital solutions.

Celebrating Growth and Leadership

Thrilled to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievements of two outstanding individuals - meet Eloise and Gemma

Supporting learning at all levels

Thank you Adobe Partners for featuring our training program in your Partner Spotlight.

Harnessing the Power of EDS for Enhanced Adobe Commerce Efficiency

Discover how to utilise the power of EDS to boost your Adobe Commerce efficiency. Learn the benefits, strategies, and impact of EDS on your eCommerce operations.

February Insight Session

Finding out the latest trends and insight

Blistering speeds - Integrating Adobe Edge Delivery Services with Adobe Commerce

The Pixel's work with Adobe Edge Delivery Services creating unmatched Speed, Precision and Efficiency.

The Pixel's Bold Move: Opting for Management Ownership

Forging a new future with collective ownership for continued success.

90% NPS Client Satisfaction

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AI in Digital Commerce

AI Disrupting and Improving Digital Commerce

The Importance of E-Commerce Security

The Importance of E-Commerce Security: Top 7 Things to be Aware of to Mitigate Risks

2024 Digital Commerce Trends

15 Digital Commerce Trends that Will Change the Game in 2024

Personalisation at Scale

The Power of Personalisation at Scale

The Growth and Future of Digital Commerce

A Look Back and Ahead on the wonderful world of Digital Commerce

Gen Z and digital commerce

Meet the Leading Digital Natives: Understanding Gen Z's Behaviours, Attitudes and Actions towards Digital Commerce