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Personalisation at Scale

The Power of Personalisation at Scale

February 23, 2024

Alistair Bryan
Head of Marketing and Business Transformation

In today's digital era, personalisation has become crucial in achieving customer experiences that are personalised, valuable, and relevant. Personalisation at scale has shown significant growth and set higher benchmarks than traditional methods. The Pixel, the leading Adobe Commerce agency, believes in the power of personalisation at scale and leverages an array of Adobe Experience Products to create highly personalised experiences and deliver commercially successful work for their clients. In this article, we’ll discuss how personalisation at scale changes the game in digital commerce and how The Pixel sets new standards.

The Power of Real-Time Bespoke Customer Journeys

Personalisation at scale means delivering personalised experiences to every customer in connection with the need for a specifically tailored customer journey. Therefore, if a potential buyer is comparing different products on your website, personalisation adjusts in real-time to display the right products, answering the specific buyer's needs. With personalisation, customers receive what they need, when they need it, and how they need it - a truly bespoke experience.

Increasing Conversions and Sales

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognise, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations, thus determining a higher conversion rate. Personalisation helps create a seamless and interactive customer journey that builds direct and meaningful connections with the target audience. Therefore, personalisation leads to higher customer engagement, which ultimately results in an increase in sales.

Foster Greater Loyalty

Investing in personalisation is a guarantee for returning customers and strengthened brand loyalty. According to Epsilon, 80% of customers are likelier to conduct business with an organisation that provides personalised experiences. This means that if you can actively personalise your fulfilment and marketing experiences based on your customers' needs and engagement journeys, you will win their loyalty and trust.

The Issues Historically About Achieving Scalable Personalisation

Historically, personalisation has been challenging because of organisational limitations or legacy technology. Often, personalisation team members across many businesses spend too much time and resources handling rules and customer segments, and manually adding fields and/or tagging pages to identify site visitors. However, with personalisation at scale, data, content, personalisation, experience delivery, and analytics all integrate flawlessly for real-time personalisation.

The Best Experiences Are Consistently Personal

The best experiences are exclusive to the customer based on their behaviour and interaction with the website.  With personalisation, experiences and content are tailored to customer buying history and preferences. Personalisation at scale is revolutionising digital commerce by changing the game for retailers with proactive targeting and continuous customer experience improvement.

The Benefits of Adobe Products

The Pixel believes in providing bespoke customer experiences for their clients using Adobe Experience Products. Adobe provides end-to-end personalised experiences to tailor your campaigns to generate better response rates, increased revenue, and improved retention. Adobe helps generate a unified, progressive profile that provides a consistent experience through every channel. The Pixel leverages the power of Adobe AI to optimise personalisations and improve conversion rates for their clients.

The Difference in Using Personalisation

According to SmarterHQ, 72% of shoppers say they will only engage with personalised messaging. Also, there is a three times higher growth rate of businesses that report significant knowledge of personalisation in 2020, according to the eMarketer report. According to Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to conduct business with an organisation that provides personalised experiences. These statistics show that personalisation is the future of digital commerce and its growth is unstoppable.

Creating a Unified, Progressive Profile

As an Adobe Commerce GOLD partner, the Pixel is the best solution for unifying data, delivering exceptional product catalogs, and providing timely servicing. The Pixel works on every element of a client's project in unison to create responsive, modular, and highly scalable progressive profiles.

AI to Optimise in Real-Time

Personalisation at scale is enabled through AI, which allows for real-time responses to customers' needs. Adobe's AI is the core engine fuelling personalisation at scale, which applies deep learning algorithms, predictive modelling, and recommendation systems to analyse data and create unique experiences. With Adobe's AI, pixels can insert personalisation based on visitors' behaviour and site history.

Testing and Personalising in One Click

The Pixel believes in testing and applying personalisation in real time. They create a new personalised experience for every visitor with a single click and apply intelligence to ensure the best-personalised experiences. By providing high testing capabilities, The Pixel can ensure personalisation is a top priority to improve customer experience.

Today, personalisation at scale is revolutionising digital commerce, and The Pixel is empowering its clients to reap the rewards. The Pixel is committed to providing personalised customer experiences for clients using Adobe's Experience Products, innovative technology, and diverse experience planning. The Pixel has formulated a strong foundation for digitally transformed businesses by leveraging AI, unified profiles, and real-time personalisation. 

The Pixel strives for excellence and innovation to generate results exceeding expectations. Personalisation at scale is the technology that turns eCommerce into an experience that features exclusivity, personality, and relevance. Are you ready to explore personalised experiences for your customers? If so, partner with The Pixel today and take the first step towards revolutionising digital commerce.

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