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Gen Z and digital commerce

Meet the Leading Digital Natives: Understanding Gen Z's Behaviours, Attitudes and Actions towards Digital Commerce

February 23, 2024

Alistair Bryan
Head of Marketing and Business Transformation

In recent years, a new generation has emerged as the largest audience in the world, overtaking the millennials. A generation of digital natives that were born into the digital age and understand the internet and e-commerce like no other generation. We're talking about Gen Z, a generation that represents 2.5 billion people globally. With their different behaviours, attitudes and actions around digital commerce, it's crucial to understand how they interact with it. We wanted to break down into key areas where we see Gen Z's affecting digital commerce; their attitudes towards digital commerce, how they consume across multiple devices and channels, and the impact we see them having on driving change and growth in the sector.

  1. Gen Z's Dependence on Digital Commerce

For Gen Z, e-commerce is not just an option, it's a way of life. According to Adobe, Gen Z spends an average of six hours per day online, with 22% spending seven to 10 hours per day. With the rise of social commerce and the convenience of mobile, Gen Z has developed a heavy reliance on digital commerce to fulfil their wants and needs.

  1. Mobile is King

Gen Z is a mobile-first generation, with 98% of Gen Zers owning a smartphone, and 80% using it to make purchases. Along with that, 60% of Gen Zers prefer shopping on mobile apps over mobile web, creating a market for businesses to take advantage of developing relevant and responsive mobile apps.

  1. Brand Authenticity is Key

What Gen Zers value the most when shopping is authenticity. They want to interact with brands that espouse who they truly are. This need for genuine interactions is especially apparent when it comes to social media. According to a study undertaken by Forbes, 80% of Gen Zers claimed that they want to see real people in ads and not promote their false brands.

  1. A Demand for Personalization

One-size-fits-all is out the door for Gen Z. This generation is seeking hyper-personalization from brands. They want their experiences on e-commerce sites tailored to their tastes and preferences, and businesses that can deliver such experiences will be able to foster long lasting customer relationships.

  1. Customer Reviews are Gold to Gen Z

Gen Z cares about the opinions of others. According to a study by Adobe, 50% of Gen Z consumers report checking user reviews even if they know the product and brand. Businesses that prioritize customer reviews and integrate them into e-commerce sites will gain trust and loyalty from Gen Z.

  1. Gen Z's Growing Influence on E-commerce

Globally, Gen Z is quickly becoming the biggest consumer group, meaning their power and influence will only intensify in years to come. Gen Zers are turning to e-commerce sites and brands to deliver them personalized authentic experiences in ways that no generation before has. Brands that figure out how to engage with Gen Z will thrive, while those who ignore this rising consumer group will miss out on significant revenue streams.

Gen Z is the future of digital commerce. Businesses looking to capitalize on this emerging group must embrace digital and social commerce channels to offer them personalized, authentic interactions, tailor-made to their preferences. Brands that listen to Gen Z, foster loyalty and draw on the consumer group's unique traits will be rewarded with a loyal and committed customer base.

At The Pixel, we have over 20+ years' experience in digital commerce, and we understand how Gen Z's actions and behaviours around digital commerce can lead to growth and change. By partnering with us, we provide robust and reliable solutions to cater to the needs of this emerging generation. Feel free to get in contact to find out more about how we’ve helped other businesses get the real potential from their digital commerce.

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