Adobe Summit, March 25- 28, Las Vegas

The Pixel team will be attending the Adobe Summit and here's a few of our must see moments.

May 1, 2024

Steve Leyton
Managing Director - Co-Founder

The Pixel team will be attending the Adobe Summit March 25 - 28, 2024 and we can’t wait! It's an event where we can connect with global innovators across industries, other leaders, and discover the latest trends and technologies in generative AI, personalisation at scale, and much more.

To help you with event planning we have asked our staff attending Adobe Summit 2024 what are three of the talks they are most looking forward to attending.

Stuart Taylor, eCommerce Solution Specialist

1. Power of AI in Adobe Real-Time CDP

Looking into how AI can be used to power personalised customer content using the real time capabilities of Adobe Real-Time CDP

2. Build Personalized Mobile Moments with Adobe Journey Optimizer

Getting hands on with a group of like minded people in setting up different personalised journeys, sharing ideas and seeing those different ideas in action

3. Personalization at Scale with Adobe Real-Time CDP and Target 

Find out Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of using Adobe Real-Time CDP with Adobe Target to personalise a site at scale.

Barnaby Simms, Head of Business Development

1. All Things Audience with Adobe Experience Platform 

Adobe is supercharging the audience creation and management experience with new and exciting audience capabilities available in Adobe Experience Platform powered applications.

2. Growth Through Personalization Case Study

Get inspired by real-world examples of how experience-driven businesses are achieving growth by scaling capabilities to design and deliver more personalized experiences for their customers with modernized and connected data, customer measurement, and engagement technologies.

3. Scaling Personalization with GenAI 

See how Omnicom’s proprietary approach to managing content workflows and optimizing hyper-personalized marketing campaigns unlocks areas of new growth and generates higher ROI. Whether you’re far along the content-generation maturity curve or need to start by breaking down silos, this agile, collaborative solution lets you guide customers seamlessly from awareness to advocacy.

Rob Kantor, Technical Director

1. Getting Started with AEM Authoring and Edge Delivery Services 

Learn how to set up Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Sites with the Universal Visual Editor authoring experience and Edge Delivery Services deployment, resulting in fast development and deployment while driving exceptional site performance with Lighthouse scores of 100 and green Core Web Vitals.

2. Navigating AI for success

Renowned AI expert Nina Schick shares insights into the transformative impact of AI on businesses and offers guidance on redefining success in the era of this cutting-edge technology. With a strong emphasis on responsible AI development, Nina Schick delves into generative AI as a prevailing societal and business trend.

3. Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations

Discover the latest Adobe Experience Manager Sites innovations that provide any marketer or developer agile tools to build engaging experiences, supercharge content creation, and accelerate development — right out of the box.

Jonathan Abela, Head of Development 

1. Creating Commerce Experiences That Drive Growth with Adobe

Take an experience-led approach to B2B and B2C digital commerce with Adobe. Create experiences that drive impact for your business, like higher revenue per customer, higher business growth, high customer satisfaction. Learn how to put yourself in the driver’s seat with technology and data to support your vision.

2. Edge Delivery Services: Best Practices for Forms Authors and Developers 

Learn how Edge Delivery Services for Adobe Experience Manager Forms can improve your digital enrollment strategy. With Edge Delivery Services in Experience Manager Forms, authoring tools are flexible. You can test any front-end customization for Lighthouse scores and Forms Experience Scores to identify bottlenecks and design problems early in the development process. 

3. Build an Impactful Storefront with Edge Delivery Services & Adobe Commerce [

Learn how to build storefront experiences that drives brand visibility and engagement with Adobe Commerce and Edge Delivery Services. 48% visitors have left a site without converting because they felt it was poorly curated. Adobe innovations in authoring and delivering commerce will maximize the impact of experiences to drive measurable business outcomes.

We can’t wait for Adobe Summit 2024 and we will be writing up a summary of Summit 2024. So many amazing talks and topics which will enable our customers to drive eCommerce growth. Check out our LinkedIn posts for some additional info throughout the event -

Please contact The Pixel if you would like to talk about eCommerce and how we can deliver Total Digital Commerce to your business. 

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