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Unlocking the Full Potential of Customer Data

A Strategic Imperative for Digital Commerce Growth...

May 21, 2024

Alistair Bryan
Head of Marketing and Business Transformation
Unlocking the Full Potential of Customer Data: A Strategic Imperative for Digital Commerce Growth

At The Pixel, we firmly believe that every client holds a reservoir of unrealised opportunities within their data pools. By tapping into these resources, we have consistently facilitated substantial growth for our clients. This exploration aims to detail the critical role of data utilisation in digital commerce, highlight prevalent challenges, and underscore the indispensable benefits of a robust data strategy.

The Underutilisation of Customer Data in Digital Commerce

It is an unfortunate truth that many companies fail to leverage their customer data effectively. A recent study disclosed a startling figure: approximately 68% of enterprise data remains unused. Concurrently, another survey reported that businesses utilise only about 57% of the data they collect, leaving a significant 43% of potential insights on the table. This underutilisation not only signifies lost revenue but also highlights missed opportunities for businesses to drive informed decision-making and unlock new growth avenues.

The Strategic Importance of Data Integration

Data serves as the backbone of strategic decision-making. For businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge and foster innovation, bridging the data gap is essential. This requires not only the right technological tools but also a cultural shift towards data-centric practices. Data-driven insights empower businesses to make more informed decisions, build enduring customer relationships, and maximise revenue.

Common Challenges in Harnessing the Power of Data
Fragmented Data Systems and Teams

Often, data and teams are siloed across various platforms and departments, complicating access and collaboration. Such fragmentation can decelerate decision-making processes and yield inconsistent data usage and outcomes, ultimately impairing business efficiency.

Data Silos

Data silos create barriers within an organisation, hindering the effective sharing of information. This isolation can lead to redundant data collection and storage efforts, increasing costs and obstructing the insights needed for comprehensive data-driven strategies.

Complex Legacy Systems

Many businesses still rely on outdated legacy systems that are ill-equipped to handle modern data processing demands, especially in real-time scenarios. These systems are often inflexible and slow, posing significant challenges in adapting to new technologies or integrating more efficient tools.

Reliance on Third-Party Cookie Data

As privacy regulations tighten and browser policies evolve away from third-party cookies, businesses dependent on this data for tracking user behaviour are facing formidable challenges. They must develop new methods for data collection that respect user privacy.

Omni-Channel Consumer Experience

Consumers today interact with brands across multiple platforms and devices, necessitating a seamless omni-channel experience. Achieving this requires sophisticated data integration and analysis to ensure consistency and personalization across all touchpoints.

The Business Imperative for Investing in Data Strategy and Technology
Rising Consumer Expectations

Today, two-thirds of consumers expect personalised experiences from brands, yet less than half of all marketing content is personalised. Furthermore, a significant portion of customers feel that their experiences with brands have stagnated or worsened.

Escalating Acquisition Costs

The cost of acquiring a new customer can be up to 25 times higher than retaining an existing one, with these costs having risen by 60% over the past five years.

Enhanced Revenue Potential

Data-driven strategies in e-commerce marketing have shown to boost marketing ROI by 30-40%. Additionally, companies with advanced data strategies experience a 1.5x improvement in revenue growth compared to those with less sophisticated data practices. Integrating customer data into marketing strategies enables more targeted campaigns, which typically yield higher returns.

Business Value and Efficiency

Data-driven organisations are significantly more likely to acquire and retain customers and are 19 times more likely to be profitable. While 70% of IT leaders have adapted their operations to support faster delivery of marketing projects, only 45% of marketers feel the same, indicating a gap in the adoption of data-driven practices. Moreover, the efficient use of data correlates with higher operational efficiency, with businesses applying analytics to their operations seeing a 15% boost in efficiency.

Bridging the Online-Offline Data Divide

A crucial aspect of modern data strategy is the integration of online and offline data to create a unified customer view. This integration enables businesses to engage with customers more effectively and tailor their interactions based on comprehensive data insights.

A “must” not a nice to have

In the realm of digital commerce, the effective use of customer data is not merely an operational advantage—it is a strategic imperative. By addressing the challenges associated with data management and embracing a holistic, integrated approach to data utilisation, businesses can unlock significant growth and establish a sustainable competitive edge. The insights gained from a thorough analysis of customer data can transform business strategies, driving innovation, efficiency, and profitability in an increasingly complex digital marketplace.

At The Pixel we offer many data services and use a range of Adobe Products to help extract exponential growth from our clients data.  If you want to find out more feel free to get in contact.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Customer Data

A Strategic Imperative for Digital Commerce Growth...