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Adobe Summit - Recapping the Big Announcements

A few of the key announcements made at this year's Adobe Summit.

May 1, 2024

Aynsley Peet
Head of Growth

The Pixel team had a great time at Adobe Summit 24.  Not only did the team get to be excited about some of the major developments in the future, but we also won the Emerging Digital Experience Partner of the Year UK & Ireland, a proud moment for everyone at The Pixel.

We wanted to give you a taster of some of the big ticket items that we know will play a role in the coming months and years.  Adobe showed their customers and partners how it continues to play a leading role in customer experience management. Listed below are some of the major innovations and callouts from Adobe Summit 24.

Adobe Experience Cloud
Adobe technology will focus on incorporating Adobe Sensei GenAI into three core pillars—Content, Data, and Journeys. Adobe GenStudio will transform the content supply chain, meeting increasing content demands while managing agility and efficiency. Sensei GenAI will be leveraged to ideate and create 1:1 journeys for consumers and accounts for personalised journeys and engagement.

Adobe GenStudio
To accelerate and scale content creation for Personalization at Scale, Adobe introduced Adobe GenStudio (available H2 2024), a generative AI-first application that lets marketers address the end-to-end content supply chain from a single product and quickly create on-brand content for personalization. Adobe Digital Media innovations will support GenStudio applications. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise will embed Adobe Firefly in workflows and tools, enabling creatives to use generative AI to create on-brand assets from existing products and on-brand images.

Adobe Experience Platform
To help brands power Personalised Insights and Engagements, Adobe announced innovations for native Experience Platform applications:

  • AI Assistant in Experience Platform, a conversational interface that will let practitioners quickly perform tasks and obtain important knowledge and insights to understand product concepts, troubleshoot issues, or ask questions about their data. Available in Adobe Real-Time CDP (H1 2024), Adobe Journey Optimizer (H1 2024), and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (H2 2024).
  • Federated Audience Composition allows customers to use audiences and profile attributes from their enterprise data warehouses in Experience Platform for personalised omnichannel engagement. This will help brands minimise copying data, support sensitive data governance, and maximise their existing IT investments. Available now in Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer.
  • Use Case Playbooks, a catalogue of 40+ use cases that align with the Personalised Insights and Engagement are designed to accelerate time to value by speeding adoption of Experience Platform applications. Available now in Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites
Experience Manager Sites now lets authors use Sensei GenAI to instantly generate high-quality image and copy variants and use those content variants in A/B testing. The Adobe CMS will also detail which content attributes contribute most to conversion and engagement for optimising future content. The Experience Manager Sites with Edge Delivery Services integration with Journey Optimizer will accelerate omnichannel personalisation.

For headless CMS, content fragment editing with support for rich assets as well as a new Universal Editor for visual editing for bring-your-own front end are now available. The Experience Manager Sites and Workfront integration will enable more efficient creation of experiences through improved visibility to work being done.

Adobe Journey Optimizer, B2B Edition (coming in Q3 2024)
Journey Optimizer, B2B Edition, will let marketers from B2B brands intelligently orchestrate account and buying group journeys, targeting accounts with personalised, AI-powered content and journeys. Marketers can create buying groups that align with product offerings and automate defining and targeting the right roles in journeys. This will enable the streamlining of the buying experience by automating personalised engagement with sales and marketing.

Built-in generative AI across sales and marketing workflows will accelerate content creation, improve email personalization, offer conversational assistance, and power real-time chat. Turn-key dashboards will supply insights to analyse account and buying group journey results, helping build buying group level pipeline and qualify opportunities faster and more accurately.

We absolutely loved the time spent finding out about the industry insights and major developments in play.  

Please get in contact with The Pixel to find out more on how we deliver eCommerce growth and strategy to your business with our Total Digital Commerce solutions.

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