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Adobe Commerce February Product Announcements

Read all about the latest product announcements from Adobe Commerce enhancing the Adobe Commerce platform for their customers to support and drive their online growth.

March 13, 2024

Aynsley Peet
Head of Growth

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Webhooks and AdminUI SDK enhancements (available now)

With the latest release, Adobe continues to lead the way in simplifying composable development and you can now configure webhooks through the Admin UI making it even simpler to extend native commerce processes like checkout, add to cart, and more. Webhooks can also now be triggered conditionally. For example, you can trigger a shipping calculation webhook for the checkout process only for specific postcodes / ZIP codes.

Developers now have more granular control to extend the Admin UI, such as adding additional columns, buttons, and mass actions to existing Admin panels.

Later this year, Adobe Commerce will increase the availability of API Mesh to over 200 global locations, which reduces network latency and delivers improved compute time, providing a better overall experience for online shoppers.

Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Commerce (available now)

Research has shown that about 64% of shoppers will head to a competitor’s site to purchase a similar item if their web experience is poor. Conversely, for every 0.1-second improvement in site speed, businesses can expect a 9.2% increase in average order value.

In 2023, Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Experience Manager was introduced to address these market trends by delivering faster, more engaging websites. Adobe is bringing this robust technology to Adobe Commerce with a new high-performance storefront.

To offer a truly powerful and complete commerce experience, this new storefront not only includes the same benefits and capabilities delivered by Edge Delivery Services with document-based authoring, a performance-first architecture, and out-of-the-box native experimentation but also leverages the scale and performance of Adobe Commerce SaaS products, and the flexibility and convenience of drop-in components that deliver the commerce capabilities needed to transact online.

At The Pixel we have been working at the forefront of Adobe Edge Delivery Service and read our article on The Pixel delivering Blistering Speeds - Integrating Adobe Edge Delivery Services with Adobe Commerce

B2B commerce updates (available April)

In April, Adobe will release the new quoting and company management features for B2B.

The B2B company management features allow businesses to configure any buyer company structure to support B2B2X, conglomerates, or global businesses using Adobe’s new parent/child account structures. Buyers can also switch between multiple child accounts for streamlined purchasing.

Building on the solid built-in quoting tool, B2B sellers can capture more revenue faster with a new request for quote (RFQ) tools, including draft quotes, duplicate quotes, split quotes, quote templates, and multi-admin access to quotes.

Both capabilities will be compatible with Adobe Commerce’s native storefront architecture and headless commerce deployments via GraphQL APIs.

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce (available now)

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce is a SaaS service that simplifies payments and increases conversions and sales revenue. The Adobe Payment Services supports a range of payment methods and optional fraud and abuse protection capabilities across multiple markets. It allows merchants to manage payments securely and order data in one admin experience for efficiency gains.

The latest release builds on a series of updates from 2023 that added Apple Pay, an integration with Signifyd, international support for the UK, France, and Australia, infrastructure scaling for enterprise volume, and transactions reporting. 

Headless support for Payment Services (available now)

Payment Services now includes GraphQL support in the latest release so merchants can accept and process payments on headless storefront implementations, such as Adobe Experience Manager and other custom front ends.

Payment Services also offers right-for-you pricing options, including Interchange++ for more competitive payment processing rates and self-service onboarding to Payment Services Basic providing payment processing capabilities to almost 200 regions worldwide.

Subscription commerce powered by Zuora (available now)

To empower companies to add subscription revenue streams to their business and support existing recurring revenue business models, Adobe Commerce has partnered with Zuora to launch the Zuora Subscription Management for Adobe Commerce extension.

Built on Adobe’s App Builder framework, the Zuora extension received Adobe Commerce App Assurance Program recognition for following simplified composable development best practices, including a React-native front-end architecture and use of Adobe I/O events and Adobe API Mesh to limit customisations within the core Adobe Commerce platform.

AI-powered personalisation with Live Search (available now)

Adobe’s latest release of Live Search focuses on making features easy to use and empowers retailers to customise the search experience to fit your unique needs fully. Retailers can now apply specific AI re-ranking rules for highest volume searches, then supplement those rules with a default fallback rule to cover the long tail of all other queries.

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 general availability (Available April 2024)

Adobe’s commitment to performance continues with the upcoming release of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 in April. This new release supports several key performance improvements, including support for 100,000 active promotions, 10 million active coupons, the ability for multiple promotions to be redeemed against a single order, 30% faster GraphQL response times, improved GraphQL caching, and the ability to import up to 100,000 products per minute into Adobe Commerce in the JSON format. Adobe Commerce has released a beta version for developers to build and test against.

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