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What is Magento?

Magento is a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, empowering over 200,000 online retailers to date and chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses.Offering powerful and flexible features Magento’s intuitive administration interface provides advanced marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue-management tools to control the look, content and functionality of every retailer’s unique business requirements.Designed to be completely scalable and offering optimal performance, Magento Enterprise Edition provides a package of exclusive features both in the backend and frontend to optimise marketing and analytical techniques and improve administration options. All of which dramatically increase the shopping experience of your customers.

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A Complete eCommerce Solution

Magento offers a comprehensive suite of tools to take complete control of the look, feel and functionality of your site and deliver a great online shopping experience to your customers.Behind this lies an exhaustive array of analytical options, providing a deep insight into your customers to help grow online revenue, with tools to attract more traffic, engage shoppers and drive conversions.In addition, Magento Enterprise Edition is designed with SEO in mind by generating SEO-friendly URLs, a Google site map, customised meta keywords and descriptions, so it’s easy for customers to find your products online.

Flexible, Scalable, Versatility

Based on open architecture and with the support of hundreds of third-party extensions, Magento offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility and options to interface with third-party web applications.Should the required functionality not be available from Magento’s expansive array of options out of the box, then the feature will likely appear on Magento Connect: the Magento Extension marketplace covering CRM, ERP, accounting, payment processing, shipping, call centres and many more.Alternatively, our team of seasoned Magento developers are experienced in creating extended functionality to cover exactly what you need.

Mobile commerce

More and more online customers are using phones and tablets to browse and shop, whether they’re on the go or from the comforts of their home. Magento makes it easy for your customers to browse, search and buy from your mobile, using gestures such as swipe, zoom, drag and drop that mobile users have come to expect.Magento Enterprise Edition offers a mobile storefront that seamlessly integrates with your existing online store, providing your customers with an engaging mobile shopping experience that brings the full power of ecommerce to your mobile commerce channel and integrates it into your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting and other functions.

Get the power to create rich, engaging customer experiences with a platform that will grow with you.

Attract & Engage Built-in SEO and fully customisable to attract and engage customers with rich, differentiated experiences.
Convert & Sell More Optimise conversion rates with a configurable cart and checkout flow. Increase AOV with segmentation and targeted promotions.
Drive Loyalty Ensure a smooth post-purchase experience with order management tools. Turn customers into loyal advocates with rewards, wish lists, gift registries and more.
Grow & Scale Grow and scale with confidence with business user controls, full page caching, background indexing and optimised performance.

Build your business with Magento Enterprise Edition

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