Adobe Target

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to test and deliver truly personalised experiences. Harnessing customer data & AI to identify individual segments and target your audience with tailored content. 


Adobe Target is an automated testing and personalisation platform. It enables companies to create and deliver better customer experiences across digital channels through A/B testing, multivariate testing, personalised content delivery, recommendations, automated campaigns and more. Using Adobe Target, our growth and conversion rate optimisation team can help your businesses to improve key performance metrics whilst optimising digital marketing results - quickly and easily.

Plan, Test, Record, Repeat

Adobe Target enables us to plan, test, record and repeat campaigns in order to ensure visitors get the most personalised and effective experience. Adobe Target eliminates the guesswork of creating campaigns by providing data-driven insights on which elements are producing the desired results, so you can make proactive adjustments that boost engagement and conversion rates.

Make each experience personalised 

Adobe Target leverages the power of AI to deliver truly personalised experiences. By harnessing customer data, AI can identify individual segments and target them with tailored content. With AI-driven insights, businesses can better understand customer preferences and behaviour patterns in order to create experiences that are more engaging and effective.

Increase conversion rate through AI recommendations

Adobe Target Recommendations harnesses the power of AI to provide tailored product and content recommendations that are tailored to each customer's individual preferences and needs. This helps to increase engagement and conversions by offering customers the right products and content at the right time.

See how The Pixel has helped supercharge our clients websites with the power of Adobe Target

Working with clients such as Science in Sport, our Growth and Optimisation team has integrated fully into their digital marketing and trade teams to ensure their website converts!
By constantly evaluating and testing design elements and key custom journey processes we are always identifying and improving the process - the result is better customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates and better interaction throughout the customer journey.

Our teams work seamlessly with the team at SiS to take an idea from the hypothesis stage all the way through to testing and reporting - finally taking the successful tests into the BAU backlog ready to be baked into the core site code powered by Adobe Commerce.

Simple, effective and results driven!

Harness the power

Hardness the power of Adobe Commerce & Adobe Target

Adobe Target and Adobe Commerce can be used together to create powerful, personalised marketing experiences. Adobe Target enables companies to test and personalise digital content for optimal performance. Meanwhile, Adobe Commerce offers a comprehensive suite of tools to personalise the shopping experience and improve revenue by meeting customer needs. When used together, we can deliver exceptional experiences that drive higher engagement, site visits and conversions. With both solutions, businesses can maximise their marketing efforts and achieve tremendous success.

How will Adobe Target help your eCommerce site generate greater returns?

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Adobe Target can help your eCommerce site generate greater returns by providing the necessary tools to plan, test and execute successful marketing campaigns. With A/B testing capabilities, you'll be able to measure the effectiveness of different Campaigns, designs and other elements to determine which elements produce the desired results. Furthermore, personalisation tools will allow you to target segments of customers with custom content that is tailored specifically to them. Finally, actionable insights from customer data will allow you to make proactive decisions that boost engagement and conversion rates—leading to higher ROI and more revenue for your business.

  • A/B testing capabilities to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, designs and other elements
  • Personalisation tools to tailor specific content for segmented audiences, giving them a more tailored experience
  • Actionable insights from customer data that can be used to optimise campaigns and generate greater ROI
  • Easy-to-use tools to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns
  • Automatic optimisation options that are constantly updated to reflect current trends and user behaviour
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Increasing your Conversion Rates

Our team can help you use Adobe Target to optimise your eCommerce site and increase conversion rates and customer experience.

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A/B & Multivariate Testing

With our expertise in A/B and multivariate testing using Adobe Target, we can identify the best variations of your page to maximise results.

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Personalising the Customer Journey

We specialise in personalising the customer journey on your Adobe Target page to improve engagement and conversions.

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Adobe Commerce & Adobe Target

Let us integrate Adobe Commerce and Adobe Target for a seamless customer experience on your site using these powerful tools.

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