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With a wealth of experience across many projects, clients, and industries, we support our clients to help understand their requirements and work directly with vendors to establish the technical specifications to deliver effective solutions. Let us take the burden of complex integrations so you can focus on your business.

Product Information Management

If your product data is mastered using a third-party tool we can import and keep it up to date to allow it to be instantly available on your storefront or hold it for further merchandising.

Warehouse Management System

Up to real time integration with a WMS to ensure that orders placed on the website are sent across and dispatch notifications, and any further order updates, can be received.

In-Store Logistics System

Share any data from Adobe Commerce to and from your ILS including any offline orders to keep a full customer history and target website recommendations.

Customer Relationship Management

Keep your CRM in sync with your customer data and their order history so you can effectively interact with your customers.

Content Management System

If you use an external system to manage content this can be loaded into Adobe Commerce to continue to use the content without disruption and avoid duplication of effort.

Business Intelligence

Send any data from Adobe Commerce to your BI system to analyse and produce reports of your store.

Mike Eames
Mike Eames
Head of Development

Having joined The Pixel in 2014 Mike has over 8 years experience with Adobe Commerce. This has included the delivery of many integrations within the eCommerce ecosystem and being involved in the full lifecycle from planning to delivery with full technical oversight of the projects.

Popular Integrations

ERP Connector

At The Pixel we will provide solutions built on our “ERP Connector” that allows us to utilise our own existing framework for any integration you require. The connector is loaded as a module so we can bring our Adobe Commerce development expertise to the table and make continuous improvements without adding another dependency layer.

It will allow us to load the data that is used for your bespoke requirements and efficiently process it for your needs. From importing and exporting orders, customers, products, stock, and more, it is an accumulation of years of experience and optimisations from running “in the field” to bring a collective benefit to all our clients.


Whether you require a single ERP integration or a whole suite to effectively distribute data to and from your website, you will require an integration that is understood end-to-end, built to specification, and optimised for quick processing of potentially large datasets.

Detailed Discovery

We start by understanding your business needs and objectives. Then we take a close look at your technical architecture to identify gaps and potential areas of improvement.

Informed Development

We will develop to specification and how to speed up the process using our ERP connector, so that you can get the most out of your integrations.

Strong Partnership

Integration partnerships are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with our partners and your teams to deliver successful integrations that will grow business exponentially.

" The Pixel provide excellent service, right through from advising on strategy, collaborative analysis, agile delivery, consistent implementation and diligent post-implementation support. They really embody a number of agile principles, including putting the customer first, welcoming changing requirements, attention to technical excellence and good designs, and delivering working software frequently. "

Matthew Lyon
Discover the most commonly asked questions about our services.
What does the ERP Connector work with and what platforms does it support?
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The Pixel’s ERP Connector is a flexible hybrid solution that already has the mechanisms in place to perform the Adobe Commerce updates and data extracts that can then be incorporated and tailored for each of your required platforms.

Why would you not just use the Adobe Commerce API?
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The Adobe Commerce API contains many out of the box endpoints to access and manipulate your data, and is indeed one of the options to consider when designing your solution. It does, however, then require that your other platform vendors are all able to implement these to build their own individual solutions.

If you decide to use The Pixel’s ERP Connector then all development is conducted by our team of Adobe Commerce specialists familiar with the connector framework to  develop solutions to integrate with different platforms with different connection methods.

Is the ERP Connector quick?
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Absolutely! The Pixel’s ERP Connector has been built and optimised with speed at the forefront of all implementations. When handling potentially hundreds of thousands of records at once it is vital that all operations be done with maximum efficiency. The connector is based on the Adobe Commerce framework so we are able to build on and extend the core code along with our own optimisations.

Who owns the ERP Connector, how do we maintain it? What happens if we leave The Pixel?
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The Pixel’s ERP Connector is developed as an Adobe Commerce module that is built and maintained in the same way as any other customisations. There is no additional licensing required, that you might find with other middleware solutions, and if you were to decide to leave The Pixel then you can take it with you.

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