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eCommerce Strategy & Planning

ecommerce strategy

At The Pixel we believe in strategy collaboration and one-team approach with our clients. Our eCommerce experts and your talented team members combine their knowledge and expertise through ideation sessions, setting out roadmaps, gathering requirements and proposing world-class solutions across your tech stack.

Roadmap & Ideation

To succeed in reaching your goals and customers’ needs a considered but agile roadmap is required. This focuses our shared discovery and allows us to align ideas to goals and execute delivery in priority order. We collaborate with key business stakeholders in our hands-on workshops, sharing expertise to set out ideas alongside reach, impact and effort.

Requirement Gathering

Our strategy and planning team use remote and in-person techniques to collate, understand and enhance your requirements. Through a mixture of business requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria and agile solution design we ensure we have a shared vision and understanding between all stakeholders.

Goals, Success & Reporting

Setting out our goals, defining success and scoping how they’ll be measured is a key part of how our teams will work together. Knowing your goals isn’t just about how successful you’ve been to ensure ROI; running retrospective workshops throughout the process allows our teams to continuously improve our ways of working, ensuring that your goals are reached efficiently.

eCommerce Planning

Plan, discover, deliver, analyse and plan again! The business analysts, strategists and solution consultants work side by side, sprint by sprint, with the project management and delivery team to ensure your ideas and vision are delivered on time and meet customer expectations.

Competitor Gap Analysis

Building an eCommerce roadmap needs to consider two factors. Firstly, what does a user expect from a website in your vertical? And secondly, how can your brand gain a competitive edge? Our strategists can perform a gap analysis on direct and aspirational competitors to benchmark your position.

eCommerce Vendor Selection

The Pixel has built up strong partnerships and knowledge with best-in-class integrations across personalisation, search, email marketing, tax, PIM and more. Our strategy team can help you explore the options, match them to your requirements and even help implement the solution.

Jake Rainbow
Jake Rainbow
Strategy Director

Jake has over 15 years of experience in the website development and eCommerce industry, strategising, managing and executing a wide range of eCommerce activities. Over the last decade, he has worked agency-side at a leading SEO agency and client-side in digital marketing and commerce roles at well-known British institutions. Like most of our strategy and eCommerce support team, Jake is certified as an Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner.

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Tried and tested eCommerce experts
Who is this for?

Tried and tested eCommerce experts

Online trading operations looking for successful delivery, growth and stability need a proactive, guiding and supportive partner.

That partner needs to be tried and tested in planning and delivering multiple work streams continuously and simultaneously. 

The Pixel team are proven eCommerce planners, solutions specialists, strategists and developers.


If you want to increase the success and growth of your established online business. Our Strategy & Planning experts provide their combined knowledge and experience as a resource you can draw on to make detailed roadmaps, requirements and solutions. Agile planning, preparation and expert led solutions reduce total cost of ownership, improve delivery times and increase return on investment.

Knowledge Pool
Knowledge Pool

Have access to, and exchange ideas with, an experienced team within the eCommerce industry. We’re a team of former client-side and agency-side eCommerce veterans that have lived the day to day of every facet of an online operation

Trained & Certified
Trained & Certified

When giving advice, proposing a solution or creating a realistic plan, we do it from a position of experience and knowledge. Our team is trained and certified in a wide variety of methodologies and industry leading eCommerce platforms.


We firmly believe that to truly understand a business and its customers you need to embed yourself into their ethos and strategic direction. Our Strategy & Planning team build strong and long lasting relationships so our solutions are built on a more future-proof foundation

"The Pixel provides a streamlined, personal experience. They are easy to communicate with, responsive and provide daily stand-up calls to keep on top of workflow. They keep us up to date with industry trends and best practices. No one in the team is too 'senior' to discuss an issue with you or help you reach an eCommerce goal. Stephen and his team do a great job of hiring staff that follow this mantra."

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Discover the most commonly asked questions about our services.
Are your consultancy team trained and certified in Adobe Commerce?
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Every member of The Pixel team is put through extensive Adobe Commerce training before gaining the official Adobe Commerce certifications. Client partnerships will always have access to a certified Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner to ensure our advice makes the best use of existing functionality or enhances existing capabilities.

Do you have partnerships with eCommerce technology vendors?
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Yes, The Pixel builds relationships with vendors across areas such as search, merchandising, product recommendations, personalisation and PIM. Our partner relationships help give us access to training, additional expert advice to our own and advanced notice of platform updates.

However, our consultancy and advice are not guided by our partnerships, only by how requirements can be met. The Pixel’s mantra is to work with any vendor as one team and will ensure we engage and meet with any existing vendors and newly proposed ones.

What experience does the strategy team have in the eCommerce industry?
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Our team is a mixture of former client-side and agency eCommerce professionals with experience across requirement gathering, planning and execution of eCommerce migrations, and integrations. enhancements and optimisations.

As a team they are experienced in jumping into a business to understand the end-to-end product and customer journey, ensuring they appreciate the impact of any proposed strategy.

Does your strategy team give advice based on expertise or data analysis also?
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We are trained and experienced in analysing data and customer journeys from tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, HotJar and Content Square. Our strategists, data experts, and consultants can help dive into the what, why and where of customer behaviour to help enhance your strategy and roadmap.

Why do I need an eCommerce roadmap?
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We see three key reasons to work through an eCommerce product roadmap:

1 - Work collaboratively on how best to enhance the Adobe Commerce application, giving The Pixel and members from across your organisation the ability to input great ideas

2 - Understanding the road ahead lets us plan together the resource profile and business change needed to launch enhancements on time and within the budget, both internally and externally across all parties involved

3 - To factor in key milestones such as Black Friday, Adobe Commerce upgrades and patches, regular maintenance and performance optimisation

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