Welcome to The Pixel Career Hub

At The Pixel we believe that you should have a career,
not just a job.


Company Perks

Work from Anywhere

We support working from where you are most comfortable and where you can achieve your very best.

Enjoy Your Birthday on Us!

Celebrate your special day without worry, as we offer paid time off for your birthday.

Progress Your Career

A strong career progression within a team that empowers success and personal development.

Strong & Motivated

We foster a culture of support and recognition, empowering our teams to stay motivated and work together towards success.

Learn & Develop

We prioritise your growth and development by providing ample opportunities and resources for learning and skill-building.

Company Events

Our company hosts a variety of events throughout the year to build strong relationships and connect with colleagues outside of work.


Want to work with us?

At The Pixel we believe that you should have a career, not just a job.  We are on a mission to become the most recommended eCommerce agency, and we can only do that if our people are the very best.  

So we spend time, effort and money to ensure that they have the best training, support and care.  That’s why our people stay with us for a long time and would recommend us to others.  That’s why we are growing and why we need people for the roles here.

You’ll have access to a full cast of amazing people to work with and learn from and more importantly a fully stocked fridge too.  We believe in making the most of our working day and sometimes that means more flexible ways of working – we realise that everyone is different.

Finally, we are independent and so we get to pay people competitively – only fair when you are growing as a result of the efforts the team is putting in.


Job Openings

No current openings.
No current openings.