Collective Ownership

The Pixel proudly stands as a beacon owned by its management team, ensuring maximum benefit to our clients, our staff and our common goal to become the most recommended eCommerce agency in the World!

Steve and Chris Leyton dreamed of
something big when they founded The Pixel in 2001.

In March 2023, the MBO that would become their agent for positive change was born, unencumbered by outside investors but buoyed up with a mission to drive growth while creating meaningful careers and ensuring excellent customer service!

March 2023,
The Pixel became a Management-owned business

Following thoughtful consideration, Steve and Chris opted for management ownership to maintain The Pixel's strong dedication to client service while preserving its core business values.

The Pixel's commitment to bucking traditional practices flourished with their decision to avoid external investment, opting instead for a Management Buy-out (MBO) route that would ensure the business continues its legacy of forward thinking.

Management Buy Outs (MBOs) have been gaining traction in recent years for their impressive benefits - from greater productivity to happier staff and clients. An MBO effectively brings ownership back into the hands of those who are already knowledgeable about the company, allowing them to control financial stability while still driving growth and exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

Steve Leyton said: “The Pixel’s transition to management ownership is a natural evolution of the business, which we firmly believe will be an agent for positive change for our clients and our team. As we considered how best to drive our next phase of growth, the key attraction of the MBO route over external investment was that having the team alongside us as co-owners will enable us to retain the team spirit and client-centric ethos that has been integral to our success to date.”

Chris Leyton added: “It’s an exciting time for The Pixel as we aspire to offer a wider range of services to our existing and new clients by moving into the digital experience space. Our new co-owners have been with us for up to 16 years, so having that management continuity will help to forge those deeper relationships, and the move to collective ownership is recognition of their dedication and commitment.”

Founder-owners Steve & Chris Leyton retain a significant shareholding and have an active role.

Collective Ownership

Stephen Leyton
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Chris Leyton
Duncan Ball
Client Services Director
Robert Kantor
Development Director
Ken Walker
Non Exec Director
Jake Rainbow
Strategy Director
Jonathan Abela
Head of Development (Malta)
Mike Eames
Head of Development
Tash Sprague
Head of HR
Stuart Taylor
Ecommerce Solutions Specialist
Luke Hobbs
Head of Design & Ux
Barnaby Simms
Head of Business Development