Adobe has announced the arrival of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool for Magento Commerce. Keeping a Magento Commerce version up to date is imperative in maintaining security and for getting the most out of the features available, but the process can be problematic, especially with sites with lots of customisation. 

The tool is designed to make the upgrade process more predictable by highlighting issues before the upgrade takes place, minimising the planning, cost and time required by the development team.

What does the tool do?

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is a Command-Line Interface (CLI) tool that analyses customisations on a given Magento Commerce installation, and identifies code that might need to be updated before an upgrade. The tool currently validates: 

  • Magento PHP APIs 
  • GraphQL schema 

The tool allows merchants to identify incompatible customisations with the aim of reducing errors and making the process more seamless, therefore lowering the cost and time required. 

How it works

A merchant downloads the tool and runs it against an installed Magento Commerce version to check the compatibility of customisations, with a target Magento Commerce version in mind - for example, a merchant may be running version 2.3.6, with a target of upgrading to 2.4.2. 

The tool will then flag potential issues that need to be resolved between those two versions prior to upgrading. A report is provided consisting of issues and errors, and a complexity score. These errors can then be fixed before the upgrade commences. 

Sample error report (image: 


The tool is available for Magento Commerce 2 customers only (Magento Open Source and Magento 1 are not supported). An Alpha version is available and downloadable now from the Magento Repository.  A new version of the Upgrade Compatibility Tool will be made available for each new Magento Commerce version. 

For more detailed instructions on using the Upgrade Compatibility Tool, visit Magento DevDocs.