In the run-up to Christmas last year, we undertook one of our most ambitious projects of the year for European supermarket giant, Lidl. The remit was to produce a web-based hub for Lidl's Christmas publicity run in the UK under the title, 'A Lidl Bit of Magic'. This would include a film shoot with TV celebrity chef, Lesley Walters, as well as the creation of a smartphone app for Android and iOS devices as an alternative publicity stream.

Starting with a WordPress site as the centralised hub for all things 'A Lidl Bit of Magic', security was of the utmost concern. Our programmers set about the task of creating an ultra secure hosting platform for the website to account for the huge influx of traffic it would inevitably receive, and to assuage the understandable security concerns of a multinational company.

Moving on from that, aesthetic design formed the second pillar of focus on the website. For what was essentially advertising space and promotion, we needed to provide incentives for users to continue browsing the site once they'd landed there from the original lures of the competition and special offers.

An online brochure was presented using Flash animation, while a recipe book utilised jQuery, both in an eMagazine-style format. We took the decision to avoid the static appearance of a webpage and, instead, opted for something that had more in common with a printed, hard copy. This provided scope for more lavish, appealing photo work and a freer style of design, thereby presenting a format that was more appealing to the customer.Also embedded within the site was a film reel of celeb chef, Lesley Walters cooking Christmas recipes from the site's Flash book. We were responsible for both the management and organisation of Generator Digital's shoot, before compressing the footage down for web-based media and streaming it through the 'A Lidl Bit of Magic' site without compromising its original quality.

Another key feature of the campaign's three-pronged promotional strategy was a smartphone app, developed in-house by our experienced team of app developers. As well as holding the competitions and recipes found on the main website hub, our Android and iOS app also boasted exclusive features such as a turkey timer (which calculated estimated cooking times based on size and weight), a cooking time guide for Christmas vegetables, and a handy shopping list that customers could use to tick off purchases for 'A Lidl Bit of Magic's' featured recipes while they were shopping. Although we're not at liberty to reveal precise download figures for the app, we can tell you that it was more successful than even our most optimistic predictions during development.