Adobe Summit 2021 took place this month (virtually), 27 - 29 April, and as always gave us some valuable insight into the road ahead for Adobe products and innovations. Anil Chakravarthy, EVP, GM Digital Experience Business, Adobe, announced at the opening keynote session many of the updates and features Adobe customers can look forward to in the roadmap ahead. 

Adobe Experience Cloud was defined as a set of applications for content and commerce, data insights and audiences, customer journeys and marketing workflow, that Adobe Commerce (formally known as Magento Commerce) sits within. Chakravarthy broke down the current Adobe Experience Cloud structure into the following: 

Adobe Experience Cloud

Content & Commerce 

Adobe Experience Manager | Adobe  Commerce

Data Insights & Audience 

Adobe Analytics | Adobe Customer Journey Analytics | Adobe Real-Time CDP | Adobe Audience Manager 

Customer Journeys 

Adobe Target | Adobe Campaign | Adobe Journey Optimizer | Adobe Marketo Engage 

Marketing Workflow

Adobe Workfront

Chakravarthy went on to announce the following new features and applications. 

Adobe Commerce - Live Search

New to Adobe Commerce is Live Search, is a Sensei-powdered real-time search service that delivers fast and relevant search-as-you-type results, that become smarter over time using AI and machine learning.

Adobe Commerce - Intelligent Visual Recommendations

Also new to Adobe Commerce, Intelligent Visual Recommendations - product recommendations displaying visually similar items to those being browsed by customers for improved personalisation. 

Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign integration 

A new integration between Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign will allow e-signatures to be incorporated directly into ecommerce, enabling merchants to easily deploy digital signing as part of the customer journey.

Adobe Real-Time CDP - B2B Edition 

Adobe’s Customer Data Platform will be made available for B2B, allowing enterprises to unite both individual and account profiles for a complete set of first party data, in a way that’s consistent with user permissions. 

Adobe Journey Optimizer 

A new application for marketers to manage the customer journey end-to-end, from broad general campaigns to real-time mobile engagement using customer signals and intelligent analytics. 

Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Sign integration 

A new integration between Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Sign to make it easier to include document approval and signature workflows in marketing automations. 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) - Headless 

AEM now supports headless content capabilities, with API-first delivery, including support for GraphQL. The re-imagining of headless will use Adobe Sensei, machine learning & AI services to optimise content for commerce.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) - Asset Essentials

AEM Asset Essentials is a configurable edition of AEM Assets designed to make it easier for teams to manage content. With a centralised workspace, content creators and collaborators can access digital assets in a cloud-based environment.

For more information watch Adobe Summit 2021 on demand.