Live Search, powered by Adobe Sensei, is now available in the latest release of Adobe Commerce. 

Live Search combines Adobe Sensei AI with ecommerce data to provide a more intuitive and relevant search experience for ecommerce browsers. Back-end search management is also simplified with less input and management required by merchants. 

Live Search in Adobe Commerce key features: 

Intelligent Faceting

Adobe Sensei automatically selects and filters each search query using AI technology to refine results, meaning merchants no longer need to manually configure search rules. 

Merchandising Rules

Merchants can create a set of rules to adjust search results to match business goals such as to Boost products (display a particular product line higher in search results), Bury products (lower products in search results to promote other merchandise), and Hide products (if a product has stock or quality issues). 

Synonyms Management

Synonyms can be defined to present more relevant results to customers, including One-way Synonyms (one direction, eg "shoes" > trainers, boots, plimsolls, or "boots” > worker boots, ankle boots) and Two-way Synonyms (eg “t-shirt” would include results for similar terms like polo shirt).

Synonyms Management - Back End
Synonym Management preview

Category Browse

Live Search-powered category browsing is now available instead of the standard category structure, including filters to help speed search up and be more efficient. 

Live Search is an API-first headless service, with GraphQL and JavaScript SDK options for developers. The Live Search extension is available on the Marketplace to download free for Adobe Commerce customers only. A Live Search user guide is also now available on the Adobe website.

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