Magento has announce the general release of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) Studio - a suite of inbuilt tools for building online stores with app-like experiences.

PWA Studio

PWA Studio provides merchants anddevelopers with a new front-end architecture that allows them toleverage open web APIs to build “app-like’ experiences directlyin the browser that are fast, engaging, and boost online conversions.

PWA Studio will allow apps to becreated rapidly and at a lower cost than it would be to develop a PWAfrom scratch, using themes and guided development – developerswon’t require specialised Magento expertise in order to implement.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

PWAs offer a near identical experienceto a native app but are delivered by a standard web browser. Designedto make the best of both worlds, PWAs aim to give the advantages ofan app – such as working offline & push notifications – butvia the mobile web. They don’t need to be installed like a nativeapp, and once loaded in a browser, will work on any phone or tablet.

Commitment, such as downloading an app on your phone can be an obstacle to customers, spending time installing it, taking up valuable disk space, possibly even affecting the performance of a mobile device. According to Gartner, most brands cannot expect to convince even 10% of customers to download their app, most people instead choosing to use the mobile version of the website.

They’re fast

The caching ability of PWAs allows a browser to store elements of a site’s layout, speeding up download times significantly.


PWAs don’t need to be installed because they are actually websites, and just like a website can be continually updated, avoiding the need for users to download lengthy installations.


PWAs are responsive and provide the best user experience possible, regardless of device or screen, making for a tailored experience for everyone.

Offline ready

Progressive Web Apps work behind the scenes retrieving and storing site information, meaning that if the internet connection is poor, you can carry on regardless.


PWAs support push notifications (just like native apps), providing a valuable way of keeping customers updated.