By Sam Varnam, Project Manager, The Pixel

Not so long ago, Adobe & Magento Commerce released their Product Recommendations tool, utilising Adobe's AI-powered ‘Sensei’.

So what does this mean for merchants? Well firstly and probably most importantly, this is a free, included extension exclusive to Magento Commerce customers, available to download and install for any Magento Commerce store. We know that personalised shopping is key, and that potential customers want meaningful and powerful content. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences.

This out of the box functionality means that now is the perfect time for merchants considering utilising personalisation on their site, whether it be upsells or cross-sells, to install this powerful new tool to see what effect it can have on the website revenue and products, without the need to increase monthly expenditure or subscription fees. It’s a chance to test the water in the product recs pool, with the option of a further dip into other functionality later on, like testing the highly customisable Nosto recommendations platform, so well established in the Magento ecosystem.

I’ve recently been testing Product Recommendations in The Pixel sandbox environment, getting more into the detail of what can be achieved with this functionality. Merchants can add recommendation blocks to a number of areas on the site, PDPs, PLPs, Shopping Cart and much more. The number of products and page placement can also be easily configured. 

The ability to add these blocks as a Page Builder item, also allows even further control of product placement. And a simple, informative dashboard gives the all important impressions/conversions per zone.

Front end

Shoppers that engage with product recommendations are more likely to purchase, and if not, twice more likely to return. Taking this into account, as a Project Manager at The Pixel, I’m always aiming to be an extension to my clients’ work-force, and therefore recommending Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei to all my clients not currently using personalisation, has been an absolute must for me. I eagerly anticipate the results. 

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